Aamche Office
The weekend is here and summer is at its peak in India. So we decided to put up some cool pics of our Mumbai office. Our recently spruced up space is designed and conceptualized around iconic symbols and motifs from aamchi Mumbai. What's more you will see our salute to the environment with vibrant reuse of common place materials like bottles and "dabbas".

Our ode to the ever popular kite festival is the use of colourful threads (manja) as a playful ceiling and backdrop element. The spools of the kite are used as the front façade of the reception desk. Can you spot the Golli soda(Indian Coke) bottles as partition?

No Mumbai without our dabbawallahs, who also have their wall of fame in this office space – visiting Googlers / guests to the office can get a glimpse of these six sigma specialists. Check it out!

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