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My view on the whole Open Standards vs FRAND debate and the apparent lobbying of the UK Gov position on Royalty Free Open Standards is rather simple.

Ignore the extremists.
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Who falls into the "software shouldn’t be owned by anyone, everything should be open sourced and there should be no forms of intellectual property rights" camp? One might assume Stallman et al, but copyleft depends on these laws.
There are two extremes, one of which is the No IPR on software view. Most open source advocates don't fall into that camp, their view is more balanced.
I agree that standards ought to be royalty-free, with working open source implementations. It seems that FRAND is more a norm than an extreme, though I hope that we see it come to be viewed this way.
+Jason Brooks well then we agree on standards. It's the more rationale and reasonable approach. It's the mid ground between IPR based royalty on everything including standards and no IPR on software at all. As such, it enables and encourages both competition and interoperability.
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