Whilst there are many methods and mental models that can be used for mapping a business environment, the act of mapping is a critical step in determining strategy. I'm always surprised by how many companies create strategy with what can only be described as poor situational awareness.

In this video, I go through the process of mapping and cover some fairly basic economic principles from inertia to cycles of change whilst looking at the question of strategies for a open economy and what matters more - strategy or openness?  This video touches the surface of the topic of organisational warfare and competition, nothing too complex and we don't even go into the various strategic plays, options like tower and moat, impact on organisational structure, culture etc. It's about 1 hr 20 mins.

I made this video at home in response to requests at a recent conference, it's more off the cuff (a lot less scripted than my normal talks), made in one take and so don't expect great stuff. It's plain and simple covering the basics in some detail.

There are lots of interesting posts out there covering mapping in one form or another, one of my recent favourites is :-
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