Stop Online Piracy NOW!!!

Following the glorious failure of Aliens4SOPA, I have decided to undertake a more encompassing attitude towards copyright by embracing our US friends.

As Aliens, we understand that online piracy is wrong and that we should take further steps to limit it. Hence, we now encourage Congress to undertake not SOPA but SOPN (stop online piracy now!!!!)

Under SOPN, all copyrighted material which is not licensed under creative commons or public domain or an equally free and liberal license (collectively called "public") should be banned from the Internet. By removing all such material which is not publicly licensed, SOPN will kill piracy with one blow as there is nothing to pirate.

Under SOPN, the leaking of material that is not publicly licensed (collectively called "private") to the Internet should be considered as a security breach. The rights holder of this material should be prosecuted for not taking adequate security measures to protect this treasured and private material from distribution.

Under SOPN, the US Congress would encourage :-

* the development of the internet industry and the future jobs that will be created through industries that develop upon this component.

* the development of extensive security systems to protect private material from ever being distributed anywhere.

* the development of new media business models based upon abundance of public material rather than scarcity of private material by making such private material so secure that no-one sees it.

As Aliens, we'd prefer it if those future jobs were in the UK but in an overwhelming act of kindness we're willing to share this future with the US.


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