What Does Warren Buffet Know?

Interesting article on Warren Buffet's investment into newspaper groups (http://www.smartplanet.com/blog/business-brains/future-of-newspapers-what-does-warren-buffett-know/24784)

A few things to note :-

1. The industry has reasonable revenues (though declining in some quarters) combined with strong community brands, valuable real estate and potential to build stronger online offerings.

2. There are many who are prognosticating the death of the newspaper industry and the market generally treats this space as being distressed (i.e. cheap).

3. As far as I know - Media General, Lee Enterprises, Omaha World-Herald all own significant printing assets and experience.

4. The printed electronics field (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Printed_electronics) is developing rapidly and should be hitting the prime time in the near future.

The growth of printing electronics should provide new revenue streams for companies with significant printing assets and experience who both need to and are willing to adapt their business models.

So, do I think that Buffet's investment in this field is shrewd ... oh, absolutely.
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