Go Go Oracle.

Excellent article written by FOSS Patents on the current copyright issues regarding APIs and the battle between Google & Oracle being heard by judge William Alsup in the San Francisco Federal Court.

Obviously there is past case law here from Sony Inc. v. Connectix Corp., Sega v. Accolade however this doesn't necessarily prevent bizarre twists of fate and an end result of APIs, methods, object names, class names being copyrightable and interoperability hampered in the US.

Obviously that would be great for trolls and potentially a complete nightmare for the software industry in the US - you could imagine the flurry of copyrighting object / methods names ... oh this could be fun. It could also seriously harm major software players and impact open source etc.

So, why "Go Go Oracle?"

Well, I'm not based in the US, I live in the UK and despite close affiliations we are actually in competition with each other. So, if the US courts want to kill off the software industry ... by all means, go ahead. It should cause a boom in the software industry in Europe / Asia and we could do with that.

I know Obama says he doesn't want the next Google / Intel to be built outside the US - guess what, we do! Any help the US Federal court in San Francisco could provide in making this more likely would obviously be appreciated. Of course, I'm assuming UK courts wouldn't do something equally daft.
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