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Simon Wardley
I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice
I like ducks, they're fowl but not through choice

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To thine own self be true
Chapter 14 (draft) The hardest thing about mapping is coming to terms with a simple fact that there is no right answer. Mapping enables you to observe the environment, the constant flow of evolution and moves of other players but it won't tell you what to d...

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In this case, resistance is futile
I'm not going to go through how the DNC lost the election other than to say the DNC farce has just turned up the dial to 11. Trump used confusion to excellent effect in the campaign. I don't like him, I don't like a large amount of the things he says but I ...

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By the picking of my thumbs
Chapter 13 It maybe unlucky for some but I'm going to start this chapter by announcing that I'm not going to give you an answer to the scenario - yet. Instead, I'm going to give you some analysis just in case you're needing a bit of help. If you're some wiz...

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The Scenario
Chapter 12 Who you are You are :- a member of the executive board of a huge conglomerate focused on facilities management. attending a meeting of one your wholly owned subsidiary companies with their executives. on a fact finding mission, trying to determin...

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A smorgasbord of usefulness
Chapter 11 [draft version, more upto date version is kept on medium ] "Here's one I made earlier"  is the staple diet of TV programmes when faced with the possibility that something might go wrong. Demonstrations are always a risky business. In the case of ...

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A set of principles does not make a strategy
I often find World of Warcraft a useful vehicle for explain basic concepts of strategy. In this example, I want you to imagine two teams preparing to fight for the first time in a battleground - Warsong Gulch. Both teams have a short time to prepare before ...

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I wasn't expecting that
Chapter 10 I was in a quandary. Having described the three states of war, wonder and peace then I found myself in the unusual position of finding them everywhere. All activities seemed to show these three competitive states. However, I had no real way of te...

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Chapter 9 My map of mapping that I produced in chapter 8 has multiple flows within it. My focus was on teaching people how to map and the flow from my purpose to my scope to the user and their desire to learn mapping and my desire to survive financially (se...

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Building a business from a great idea, some future Monday
It's Monday, it's the year 2025 and I've woken up with a great new idea. [Actually, it's a pretty lousy idea but hey, I just spent five minutes on the scenario so let's just assume it's great.] I'm going to create a recommendation engine for stock picking b...

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The curious thing about Article 50
I'm well aware that legal English is slightly different to common use but Article 50 has something very curious within it and I'd be very grateful if someone with solid international law experience could help clear this up. The problem ... Article 50 Under ...
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