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Today 7:30 am – 5:30 pm
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Furrin Auto is your Tallahassee auto repair shop! We are dedicated to ensuring the welfare of our customers in the Tallahassee area. Therefore our objective is to provide the community at large with expert, ethical and convenient, automotive service and parts centers.
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Keith Ong
a month ago
I was once a loyal customer of the Furrin Auto, but 1 incident caused me NEVER to return again. My Mercedes C230 signal switch was not working and I went to Furrin. After 2 hours of 'diagnostic', costing me $190, Brandon told me it would cost me another $700 to fixed it? What?! $900+ to fix a signal switch? They claimed that the column sleeve was moving and a repair kit costing $450 is needed to fixed it. Due to the high cost, I decided not to fixed it. I went another workshop, free for diagnostic (Furrin charged me $190) and quoted me $270 for signal switch change (not some column sleeve issue). Standing by their words, they offer no charge if is not fixed. I decided to give it a try and guess what, is fixed! (saving me $500) But sadly, I wasted $190 on Furrin Auto Cut it short, I will NEVER return to Furrin again. Costly and no guarantee. You should really think twice, maybe three or four times if you wanna spend the money with Furrin Auto
• • •
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Tallahassee Paracordist
a year ago
I took my car to Furrin when I was in college and my son has now started FSU. His Jetta wouldn't start the other day and we had it towed to Furrin. They did a great job for him just like they did for me when I was there. I see that other reviewers have complained about the price. Furrin is expensive but they are worth every dime you spend. When you buy one of the cars they service you have to expect to spend more than other cars. I feel good that there is a shop that will take care of my son's car that I trust and has been in business for so long. Thank you Furrin for the consistent good work you do.
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Heather Mims
a year ago
Reasonably priced, fast, quality service, and friendly and knowledgeable personnel. Highly recommended!
A Google User
3 years ago
I visited this shop after my air conditioning went out. I was quoted over $1200 to fix it. I was also charged over $100 for the diagnostic. I contacted several other shops in town after receiving this quote and Furrin was the highest quote I received. I ended up having the repair done at another shop for just under $900. I cannot speak to the quality of Furrin's work because I did not have the repair done by them. I just had a bad taste in my mouth after receiving a quote so much higher than anyplace else I contacted. My advice would be to shop around and make sure you know what Furrin is going to charge you before you have a diagnostic done.
• • •
Shelby Yant
10 months ago
A few weeks ago I took my 2010 Mini Cooper S to Furrin Auto because it was making a very violent rattling noise whenever it started up and shifted gears. The noise had happened previously (to not as much an extent), however it had always corrected itself with an oil change. I was describing this to Tom when the company's phone rang and he answered. I was completely fine with this, because I was in no hurry and he was the only one available. The phone conversation seemed pretty concise, with minimal small talk. I'm not sure if he did it because he wanted to appease me or what, but he proceeded (when the customer was describing a problem) to take the phone away from his ear, roll it around along with his eyes. Try picturing a long, drawn out conversation with a person that goes "Blah, blah, blah" in a sarcastic manner. So this is the first thing that made me uneasy- did this man show that sort of disrespect to all of his customers? Another reason the service here is so terrible is because whatever they did to my car (if they even did anything) took about 4 hours. Like previously stated, I was in no rush and I simply killed time on campus right across the street. I had originally scheduled an oil change and a diagnostic for my car, which they did NEITHER of. Why did it take 4 HOURS to let me know this?? I am a 20 year old, petite female. I am aware that stigmas exist that make me out to be naive when it comes to auto repairs. Although I don't claim to know much about cars, I take pride in having a retired Navy machinist for a mother who taught me basic concepts, so I knew not to trust these crooks! Furrin Auto told me that my 4 year old engine with 50,000 miles on it that was STILL RUNNING had to be replaced. Why, you ask? Because their ability to "hear" the engine run, and the fact that the dipstick for the oil was stuck in its chamber. They did not even hook the car up to a diagnostic or open the casing to the engine. Even though I saw right through this story, I played along and naively asked how much it would cost- $7285 was my quote. What floored me the most and secured my distrust in these men was the talk I had with Tom before I left. He was faking concern and advising that it'd be more cost effective to sell my car on Craigslist or somewhere. His exact words (I made it an effort to memorize something as shady as this!) were "You could have sold your car last week before the noise started, hell, you could've even this morning when we drove it and it didn't make the noise. I mean, I'm not telling you to deceive anyone, buuuutt.... if they didn't hear that noise you could make a pretty penny and they'd be none the wiser!" HAS THIS MAN EVER HEARD OF LEMON'S LAW?!!?!? You know, the one that legally requires you inform buyers of any major defects? Say he did know... He then blatantly told me, a supposed naive college girl, to break the law. My car was taken a week later to Tom Bush MINI in Jacksonville. Turns out what I had told them I suspected to be the problem was 100% spot on- it was my timing chain and carbon buildup. Of course when I told them my suspicions, they laughed in my face in a "Oh how cute, she thinks she knows about cars!" fashion. So in short, I wasted $40 and 4 hours for these sexist pigs to listen to my car noise and poke around my dipstick. I was lied to and was told to break the law. I thank my lucky stars that I had common sense and they obviously took for granted the idea that I hadn't any. It saved me over $4,000. I have tried to be as thorough and objective in my retelling of this experience, so I apologize for a super long review! Hopefully it helps you!
• • •
Han Kyeol Kim
a year ago
I was a visiting scholar of FSU. I went Furrin Auto for flushing transmission oil of my car, VW. But, they were not kind to me and did wrong way to flush the transmission of my car. It was waste of time and money for me at that time. I have to find a mechanic to flush my trasmission again. Furrin Auto is the worst shop I've ever visited in the world.
Leanne Ames
2 years ago
Great fast service. Manager is very kind.
A Google User
3 years ago
I made the mistake of trusting a family member's recommendation to go to this place--I should have taken the negative reviews more seriously. Paid for a buyer's inspection, they told me I had about 700 worth of things to repair. Bought the car, went back, got a thousand dollar bill, including a charge for a part they broke while working on the car. The car ran worse after I picked it up, cut out when I put it in reverse. I took it back, and they wanted 400 dollars to replace two inexpensive hoses. I took it to another mechanic, and he said the hoses were not even the cause of the problem. Furrin didn't even run a diagnostic, didn't inform me about a bad sensor, crappy spark plugs (who doesn't check spark plugs during an inspection?!), and a number of other things, including, to top it off, the timing belt. I never would have bought this car in the first place. Do NOT trust these people. They are thieves. I just wish I had paid more attention to other people's horror stories. How they are still in business is beyond me. I'm telling everyone I know to stay far, far away.
• • •