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Andrew W
I am an artist. Do not f_ck with my pixels, they will break you.
I am an artist. Do not f_ck with my pixels, they will break you.

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Space Ace Kimberly finished print
I ended up changing the print a bit to pic colors that printed and looked really awesome.  Some of the stuff I concepted was a little out of the realm of possible print colors and kinda hurt my eyes after a while. If you really have to have one, and you pro...

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Space Ace's Kimberly pinup and lil Borf
I've just finished a pinup featuring Borf and Kimberly from an old school arcade game by Don Bluth called Space Ace.  When I was super young, it was the most beautiful game in existence.  And let's face it, it still looks impossibly cool.  If you don't know...

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The banner and some pics of Emerald City Comic Con
This is how the banner came out.  Figured some peeps might want to see it undistorted and clean like. It came out rad.  Props to the printers. Don't lie. You've never seen a better banner.  These are some of my favorite cosplay pics from in front of the boo...

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Yesss, that's right...
Pooper Girl. Don't tell me you don't like it because I won't believe you. ¿Is that Super Girl covere in sh_t? Basically. Happy Monday, &Rew.

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What on earth have you done?!?
Seriously. It's... well, poop.  Pooper girl in the house! Work in progress. Can you wait until I'm done? I surmise that you cannot, because I can't either. If you're going to make a joke that my drawing is shitty, I do believe I have officially beat you to ...

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When you come to see me at the con next week....
It should looks something like this. With mah giant ass banner. (if I can get it printed in time). cheers, &rew.

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Super Girl Puns - another one in the can
Hooper Girl, you know, like Basketball Hoops.  Needs a little something more, but I'm loving the shoes, and also the ridic basketball hoop skirt thing, or whatever the heck that is. All hail Super Girl pun illustrations. The show for these is coming up pret...

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More super girl drawings in progress
More drawings are happening. Take that, evil doers. &rew Scooper girl nearly finished A variant on the classic super girl.  I did it pretty regular and nao I wanna add some more bits to make it interesting.

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Scooper Girl?
Yes. More bad pun illustrations for Super Girl. Two scoops please. I did these drawings tonight. These are a bit more fun.  I don't wanna be conservative but it's really hard when you're out of practice to take it to some place interesting and weird and not...

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Inbound Super Girl
I'm working on a series of puns for Super Girl this year much like the Wonder Woman pieces from last year. This is the base pose I've drummed out.  Now to crank on a bunch of variations... Cheers, &Rew.
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