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How to find true Guru or
Spiritual teacher

The divinity of the soul must be
awakened so that you may realize
you are not the body; He is the
energy in the muscles, in the
flowers, in grass;everything is God.
For you to realize that, you are
going to need a guru or a spiritual
teacher, who is free from the
bondage of delusion.
Spiritual truths cannot be
effectively taught by one who has
merely committed spiritual text to
memory. The real spiritual teacher
must have experienced and
understood truth before he can
successfully transmit it to others.
The look of a holy man has the
power to change spiritually persons
who are receptive. The sight of a
holy man is in itself a blessing to
the beholder. The ground on which
is a saint has walked is thus made
sacred. The would-be disciple seeks
acceptance by such a spiritual
If your heart is ready, if you are
desirous of knowing God, and if you
continuously march towards Him,
then you will meet the Saints or
Guru’s and you will recognize them.
When your heart is not ready, you
may meet them and yet not
recognize them. But the once a true
teacher has been found, if you follow
him with due reverence and with
open eyes, you will save yourself
years of otherwise wasted time, but
no one can lead you to God unless
he himself has first found God.
Truth should be sought of God
realized saints, wherever they may
be found, whether it be in Temple or
in the solitude of mountain or forest.

Whether such guru’s live in woods
or teach in a temple is of no
consequence. The earnest devotee
seeks self-realization wherever he
may find it.
If you remain loyal and attuned to
your Guru, you will find, through
your spiritual receptivity, prayers ,
and spiritual efforts, that the cords
of your ignorance ultimately will be
untied, and you’ll be set free to
roam in the kingdom of immortality.
Let’s pray to God to show us His
presence in the great masters, who
have already realized Him.
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✦ T R U T H ✦

Your existence is the truth,
and when you are silent
you are in truth.

And if the silence is absolute
then you are the ultimate truth.

But don´t think of the truth as an object ?
it is not an object.

It is not there,
it is here.

O S H O 🌾
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Freedom is free but not cheap.
And we are not talking about money,
we are talking about the value of freedom.
The cost of freedom is you.
You must exchange ego for the real Self.
You have to become You without ‘you’.
Actually, it is the best deal of all.
Who is the one to be traded in?
It is just a mighty nuisance. Actually, it is the greatest thief in the universe for it robs you of true freedom and the knowledge of truth.
Throw him out!

~ Mooji, India 2016
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No problem is ever solved -- you grow out of them.

This has to be very very deeply understood. Trying to solve problems is almost futile, because no problem is ever solved.

Problems exist because of a particular consciousness. When the consciousness changes, they drop.

For example, in the morning a small child cries and weeps because in a dream he had a beautiful toy, and now he has lost it. So in the morning he cries for his toy.

How can you solve it?

You cannot make him understand that it was a dream, because in childhood dream and reality are not separate departments.

But one day he grows, and he comes to understand that it is a dream.

The problem is not solved yet -- but now the problem is no more.

He has come to understand it is a dream, and that the problem doesn't exist.

Here religion gives a totally new dimension.

Religion says that problems will exist if you remain the same, because you create them in the first place.

Your particular consciousness creates them as a shadow. So don't be bothered about the problems -- raise the consciousness to a higher level.

Once the consciousness is on another level, these problems simply become meaningless.

And that's what growth is all about.

~ OSHO ~
(Darshan Diary, Be Realistic: Plan for a Miracle)
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A man was suffering from headaches for many years, and somebody, his enemy, wanted to kill him.

Hiding behind a tree, the enemy shot an arrow. The arrow hit the man's leg; he fell down. His headache disappeared.

The people who were looking after him, the doctor of the town, were very much puzzled as to how it happened.

They started studying. By chance, by coincidence, the man had hit one acupuncture point just on the leg; some point was touched on the leg by the arrow, was hit by the arrow, and the inner electric flow of the man's body energy changed.

And because the inner flow of the electricity changed, his headache disappeared.

That's why when you go to the acupuncturist and you say, "I have a headache," he may not touch your head at all.

He may start pressing your feet or your hand, or he may needle your hand or your hack. And you will be surprised: "What are you doing? because my head is wrong, not my back!" But he knows better.

The whole body is an interconnected electric phenomenon; there are seven hundred points, and he knows where to push the energy to change the flow. Everything is interconnected ... but this is how acupuncture was born.

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