Fire Extinguisher Service Near Me Chico CA
Best Fire Extinguisher Service Chico CA (530) 241-2465 Wilgus Fire Control Safeguard Fire Protection
Experience Hassle Free, No Worries, Fire Extinguisher Maintenance and Service and Annual Fire Extinguisher Service for your Chico Business. At Safeguard Wilgus Fire Protection, we know how crucial it is to have your Fire Extinguishers serviced and Maintained. Here’s our secret.. All of our techs go through a rigorous training process. When they complete our training program, they have passed a written exam and our own bench marks. Then they have become Certified Wilgus and Safeguard Portable Fire Extinguisher Technicians. This is one of the ways we ensure ALL of your portable fire extinguishers are examined and inspected 100% according to California Title 19 and Local Fire Codes. Once your fire protection equipment has received our seal of approval, you can rest easy. Your Fire Extinguishers WILL Work if and when you need it. Call Today for FAST Onsite Service!
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