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Random Talk about Geocaching in Victoria

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Added photos to Geocaching Melbourne - The Pirates' Tea Kitchen.

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WHAT : Ahoy, this is an after work e'ent!
WHEN : 9th of May 2014 20:00 till t' dawn o' day (that's 8 pm until bed-time)
WHAT : Aye, drinkin' Tea and good ol' grog! Brin' a cup, some tea bag & water and a campin' sto'e. We will share some good stories o'er a cup o' tea!
WHERE :The great, grand ship of the Black Pearl!

Yo-ho-ho! Ye'll ne'er get me buried booty!
Yar Buccaneer

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Awesome pic of the thunderstorm yesterday
Be prepared, get lucky, and be willing to accept mistakes.

A spectacular lightning storm passed while we enjoyed Christmas lunch with family today. My brother-in-law lives in a 14th floor apartment near the centre of Melbourne (Australia) and we sat in awe, watching as the lightning struck nearby. The proximity of the storm was evident by the immediate crack of thunder with each flash.

I recently purchased a 9-stop neutral density filter for my Fuji X100, and decided it should live in the little bag with the camera and spare battery. This was the key to capturing this image; I got lucky with the fourth 7.5 second exposure, with the camera simply resting on the deck as a result of leaving my Gorilla Pod in the car.

The mistake was forgetting to turn off "ISO Auto Control", so the exposure was made at ISO 3200. Thankfully the noise-reduction in Lightroom came to the rescue. It was probably for the best, the pouring rain might have hazed more in a long (30 second) exposure.

I think this might be worth a contribution to #SkySunday, curated by +Simone Linke. Have a wonderful - and safe - holiday season everyone!

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