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what a great place to be with family and loved ones.

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so I share a lil one with a special some one, lol : )( he is truly wonderful he is an indo European child a truly a gift of god to me and his mother... good day. 

I Joseph Bernhardt revoke my General durable power of attorney. i revoke my living will and or (living will`s)

What the is wrong with people now a day`s! cause you got man hormonal issue`s of male Pms or your hungry and high stressed on your job Sr. and Sr`s. (Your just a Dum fucking idiot no  A-fence) Disrespect. Wonder if he`s hungry on the job.  shortly after happen`s again. last I checked that`s harassment, raciest profiling, discrimination , stalking,  un-use full productivity of government job resource`s, and abuse of you legal authority
of a public government worker and workers . ect. list get`s longer and longer.....     Don`t judge a book by it`s cover ,when that person  just trying to get a book to read, sorry don`t label me you might loose a few carries`s over it. 

What the fuck is wrong with people now a day`s! men on pms. (Your just a Dum fucking idiot no fence) Disrespect Full lil`bastard! Wonder if he~s hungry on the job. 

 what a great day right yea as long as it stop`s raining lol... 

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