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Mt Formidable ... nearing the top.

Mt Formidable,WA. The photo is nearing the top after navigating a classic cliffy section and turning on a subtle key ledge.

The Climb
Mt Formidable is a desirable peak along the Ptarmigan Traverse, WA. The summit register shows it is climbed about 2 or 3 times each year. I arrived at Mt Formidable in the late afternoon. Instead of waiting and climbing it the next morning, I decided to give it a go. There was just enough sunlight to make the climb. I did note the ominous clouds as they engulfed the summit from time to time.

I was a little anxious with the weather. I didn't want to get into a White-out, where you are in the fog and clouds and navigation becomes foggy too.

I made it to a false summit being surrounded by clouds and it took me a while to realize I was not at the true top. I dropped a few hundred feet and headed West and found the summit being completely engulfed by a White-Out.

Getting Out
Getting back was another major concern. The white-out reduced my visibility to just 50-100 feet most of the time. After dropping a few hundred more feet I found a nice anchor but someone had cut all the slings. I made repairs quickly and did my final rappel. At this technical portion, I didn't want any mistakes. The climb seemed to be going slower than I had anticipated and it already looked like I would be making my way to my bivouac in the dark with headlamp.

After that rappel most of the drama evaporated.

One the way back to my biviouac, the clouds opened up a little and I could clearly see where I was going. As the sun went down I had some great views, colorful views and with glee made it back to my rocky bed for the night.

The Video ;

Congratulations, You made it this far! For those who have been here, you already know this selection well. If this is your first time, I put together some climbing photo collections and videos.

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