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Attends A note to my anglophone readers: my posts are usually written in English and German - rarely in French ← ↑ ↓ → I am a content curator. Range of topics: art, library, librarianship, literature, journalism, medical science, health, environmental protection, EURO disaster ... ♞♛♜ yovisto video search engine for academic content → ★
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TWITTER (TWTR) Copes With Global Outage and Unhappy Investors – And Users; the latest problem plaguing TWITTER right now is a global outage as the site goes down! ⌛☂

Reiner Grißhammer

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Monsanto hat ein Patent auf konventionell gezüchteten Brokkoli❗ ⟿ Vorgeschmack auf das, was uns der Investorenschutz im Freihandelsabkommen TTIP einbrocken wird❗ EU
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Reiner Grißhammer

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Roof garden at the end of summer 
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Major medicine discovery changes everything we thought we knew about the brain: missing link between brain and immune system discovered ★ Nobelpreisverdächtige Entdeckung: Lymphbahnen im Gehirn ★ this discovery can be very significant in the treatment of neurological conditions: there are lymphatic vessels going into the brain

Reiner Grißhammer

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Das Wort zum Sonntag❗ :) heute mit dem NSFW Thema ⚤ 
a thought for Sunday via nytimes: ⚤ up to 40% — nicht zu fassen❗
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+Reiner Grißhammer thank you for sharing the post ;)) lets hope that we can count on changes for the better for the industry to survive ;))

Reiner Grißhammer

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BIG WIN! El Salvador Kicks MONSANTO & Their Seeds Out Of Country El Salvador schmeißt MONSANTO samt Saatgut aus dem Land
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Bravo El Salvador !!
Nach Allem was ich bisher über Monsanto gelesen habe.
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Alter Main bei Köhler 
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Solar Impulse en route from Japan to Hawaii. Watch LIVE the 120-hour flight — visible on Flightradar! Altitude: 8km, speed 148km/h now!
Der Solarflieger Solar Impulse ist auf dem Weg nach Hawaii. Nun wird es ernst, denn inzwischen ist das Flugzeug so weit überm Meer, daß es nicht mehr umkehren kann! Vor dem Piloten liegen 120 Stunden Soloflug – Weltrekord in spe!
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Commercial-free blogger who writes about what he sees from the cheap seats: focus on art, PubMed HEALTH, Google Scholar, Open Access (OA), library, Germany, EU ★ Early adopter of Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Delicious ☞ aka → a commercial-free ghostwriter in German language
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  • A note to my anglophone readers: my posts are usually written in English and German - rarely in French ← ↑ ↓ → I am a content curator. Range of topics: art, library, librarianship, literature, journalism, medical science, health, environmental protection, EURO disaster ... ♞♛♜ yovisto video search engine for academic content → ★
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Swiss recommendations on vitamin D intake →→→→→→→ 20 µg = 800 IU per day is recommended! ●●●●●●●●●●●●●● 1 IU = 0,025 µg ★★★ 1 µg = 40 IU ●●● 5 µg = 200 IU ●●● 12,5 µg = 500 IU ●●● 17,5 µg = 700 IU ●●● 25 µg = 1000 IU ●●● 37,5 µg = 1500 IU, ●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●●● U.S. fact sheet on vitamin D →, ★ You do nothing wrong, if you regularly take 1000-2000 IU Vit D as a supplement →
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Ant antennae provide vital ID information, study finds

University of Melbourne scientists have shone a new light into the complexities of ant communication, with the discovery that ants not only

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Kids face higher lead exposure playing in urban gardens

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New statistics on death rates in the United States appear to confirm a grim prediction - that obesity is reversing decades of steady expansi

Gebühren-Verweigerin: Sieglinde Baumert nach 61 Tagen aus Haft entlassen...

Der MDR hat den Antrag auf Erlass eines Haftbefehls gegenüber Sieglinde Baumert zurückgezogen. Sie ist somit frei. Seit 2013 verweigert die

Vitamin D improves heart function, study finds

A daily dose of vitamin D3 improves heart function in people with chronic heart failure, a five-year University of Leeds research project ha

Want to know where threatened species live? Look to the clouds

Much of our planet's biodiversity is concentrated in hotspots, such as tropical mountains, where knowledge about the habitats and distributi

Remote Italian village could harbor secrets of healthy aging

The average life expectancy in the United States is approximately 78 years old. Americans live longer, with better diets and improved health

Plant peptide could prevent onset of multiple sclerosis

MedUni Vienna has made a crucial development in the treatment of Multiple Sclerosis (MS): Together with his team and the research group led

Study finds vast diversity among viruses that infect bacteria

Viruses that infect bacteria are among the most abundant life forms on Earth. Our oceans and soils, and potentially even our own bodies, wou

California: Chemical warning may scare poor from canned food

California plans to delay state-required warnings on metal cans lined with the chemical BPA, arguing too-specific warnings could scare store

Belgium Suicide Bombers Identified As Brothers; Confusion Reigns Whether...

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The Vista Voice

Goldman Sachs reissued their buy rating on shares of Twitter Inc (NYSE:TWTR) in a report released on Thursday, Market reports. The

Dit zijn de verdachten van de aanslag in Zaventem

Dit zijn de verdachten van de aanslagen op Zaventem. De foto werd eerder al door een politiedienst getwitterd terwijl die enkel diende voor

Sleep suppresses brain rebalancing

Why humans and other animals sleep is one of the remaining deep mysteries of physiology. One prominent theory in neuroscience is that sleep