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Priced under $500 doesn't mean $499. The OnePlus One will definitely be available for under $400. #NeverSettle  +OnePlus 

OnePlus One will be priced below $500 USD unlocked and off-contract, guaranteed.
#NeverSettle  +OnePlus 

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Come and meet us!
Any OnePlus fans in Beijing this Monday? +Pete Lau and +Steve Kondik will be there hosting a fireside chat. Register here:

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Got a chance to catch up with the +CyanogenMod team on my most recent trip to the States. Here we are at their Seattle office.

Never Settle

Today is a special day for me, because today my startup +OnePlus is born.

OnePlus is the realization of my long-standing dream to create a global and innovative company. It is also an opportunity for a group of young people to make their mark on the world. I hope for it to eventually become a playground for tech lovers around the globe.

What kind of a company will OnePlus be? Since leaving +OPPO I’ve spoken with many friends and influencers in the mobile and internet industries. Many visions and opinions were bounced around but we kept returning to one central idea: make the best possible product for users worldwide.

The desire to pursue this goal has been growing inside me since my days leading the Blu-ray division at OPPO. I remember how proud I felt at CES when our OPPO Blu-ray players were spoken of with awe and admiration.

Looking at the smartphone market right now, I see a lot of wannabes but few truly outstanding products fit for the demanding consumer. That's what I want to address with OnePlus.

It's a hard road ahead as I transition from my role as an employee to that of entrepreneur and launch a company from scratch. There will be many difficulties to overcome. I draw my strength and resolve from the success of OPPO's Blu-ray players and the overwhelmingly positive feedback for the OPPO Find 5.

I would like to thank OPPO and Tony for their support. I have spent my entire career thus far with this noble and forward-thinking company. Not every product engineer gets access to such a great platform and opportunity, and for that I will remain eternally grateful to OPPO.

A new year, a new beginning. Expect to hear great things from us in 2014.


Visit us:

Something big will happen tomorrow! I am very excited:)

I've owned a few external battery packs, but they are never full when I need them. When I finally decide to charge them, I find it takes too long. I've not yet found anything that suits me. Who else feels this way?

What's your favorite kind of cookie?

I'm looking for a CEO, Cookie Experience Officer. He/she needs to have a deep understanding of cookies, to be able to taste and rate cookies masterfully. Daily tasks consists of sampling a variety of cookies from around the world.

Please share this and help me find my CEO. Finders' bonus! :)

What do you guys think about Jonathan Ive's design skills?

Why can't we flash Android on iPhones?
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