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With all this skills it's an off to get a job well paid? 

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Each dot chases the one before it at a constant speed, slower than the one it is chasing by a fixed ratio. As a result each dot converges to a smaller circle inside the one it is chasing. If they had the same speed, they would get closer and closer to catching up, but would take infinitely long to do so. If they were faster then they would catch up with each other in a finite length of time.

Animation & Info via matthen


#math   #science   #geometry   #circles   #spiral   #animation  
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Hey guys. In 2014 i dropped my album Stratos Halo this time as Promised the long awaited BEFORE DAWN album is here. Download it, listen to it and please share the living shit out of it with all your friends and family for me.

To listen to more of my sounds visit:



(Get my free album here)

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Photo finish. Enzo vs 458 italia 09
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Need some help here. Am trying to get a number from a database and adding that number with a new number and insert the sum as a new entry in the database using Java. What is the most efficient way of going about it?

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티머니카드, T-money Card
What is the easiest payment to use public transportation in Korea? The answer is 'T-Money Card'. You can just touch your T-money card on this machine and easily hop on/off the bus and subway. It only takes 1000won (approx. 1usd) for your destination with 5 times of free transit.

Whenever I get in the bus or subway, I put my wallet on this machine to hop in and off. Then my card recognize it by the short distance electonic communication. Easy and comfortable way to use Korean public transportation.

Lot of people also use their cell phone and just touch the phone on the machine, then pay it just same as T-money card. I've never used it, let me try this now. =)

What is the name of your card? Similar system as Korean?

#tmoney #public #transportation
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