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So true!
Search Engine Land originally shared:
Always keep in mind the important fact that your landing page should not just be ‘search engine friendly’ - it needs to be buyer friendly.
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Know your demographics: understanding your current and future customers and communicating to them in a way that’s realtable can go a long way. Knowing your customers extends further than just talking to them; Listen too, and use the information you receive to build a better product.
From getting found in Google to customer reviews and social media to logo development and media planning, you can be sure that Findability products will help you to get found, seen, heard and ahead.
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This is an interesting article about the market of social media.
Search Engine Land originally shared:
Do you think social media spending will surpass paid search for SMBs in 2012?
Borrell Associates has come out with an extensive new report about small business (“SMBs”) and social media adoption. It contains forecasts and spending estimates as well as other data about SMB usage...
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We offer big city strategy and creative talent at small town prices. We are a different type of full service agency and pride ourselves on fitting into wherever the client needs assistance. From full service branding and strategic marketing development to website creation, web marketing and SEO management, we can help small business become a more rounded, strategically-thinking company.
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