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Gabrielle Conde Talley
Time to shift - heal your soul to imprint love, joy, peace, & prosperity
Time to shift - heal your soul to imprint love, joy, peace, & prosperity


What's the easiest way to ask people for reviews of your listing on Google + business page and maps?

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I did it! I shared part of my story about the big, bad #abusive wolf with my beautiful friend, Mai Vu Coach's Hot Life Hot Love #hangout. Please share this story with others you know. You could save a life, a #spirit, and give someone information they need to make an important choice between #heaven or #hell in their #relationships.

Together, we can say we aren't afraid of the big, bad, abusive wolf! We know how he (or she) acts and say NO to having that in our lives to accept something much greater, filled with #love, peace, and fun! Discover the signs of the big, bad abusive wolf here:

Please share with others and help support educating others to have a HOT LIFE with HOT LOVE!

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Join Coach Mai Vu and I on today's hangout starting in 30 minutes! Learn the signs to spot the big, bad abusive wolf to make sure you stay away from him and have a drama and stress free life! 

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If you're missing your abusive ex, here's some ways you can trick your mind to start new patterns in your life. Take the focus off of him and put it back on you. Read this post to find out how:

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Check out my guest post on The Academy for Invincible Healers!!!

Why are things so hard?

"Overcomer” is the latest single by Mandisa, a contestant from American Idol Season 5. It’s a great song. It comes one of the local radio stations often.

In the song, Mandisa sings about overcoming challenges in life and inspires you to rise above them. Although you may have a challenge to overcome and feel down for the count, there’s ways to get around obstacles even though it seems impossible.

Check it out here:

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Is Your Business Participating in Small Business Saturday 2012?
This is a great post from my friend, Jonathan Wofford. He discusses how Small Business Saturday benefits your business. Check it out:

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If you would like to know what specific blocks are keeping you from your goals or just need an energy shift, please make a donation to Project Renewal's domestic violence intervention program and you will receive a link for an Energy Scan with me. Look forward to talking with you! Click the link below:
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