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How many people are getting the Playstation Vita this month? I still can't decide between the 3G and the Wi-Fi version.
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Jim M
I'm getting a wifi Vita on launch.
Jason G
Same here, I don't see a need for 3g.
I tend to agree about not needing 3g, but i am worried that there will be something awesome down the road that will need 3g. Now that they have enhanced the 3g bundle i am tempted even more.
Jim M
I don't see what benefit 3G could add that Wi-Fi could not match. It doesn't emulate location/GPS-type applications very well.
Jason G
Plus you can't even play games over 3g. I don't like the fact of a monthly expense. I am paying enough as it is!
I just tried a demo unit at gamestop and i'm sold. I think i found a reason to get the 3g version. The 3g model also comes with gps. If you use the near app, it will use gps to track where you go and you can collect rewards from other people. The article i read said you just need to sync with a near server. I assume you could do that at the end of the day on your wifi.
Jim M
Oh, so there is a GPS function. Interesting. I'm still not convinced it's worth an extra $50, but then again I'm not much of a social gamer these days. Thanks for the heads up.
Another follow-up: I just read the PS Blog post about the First Edition bundle of the Vita and they said that the free month of 3G service is actually buy-one-get-one free. That is significantly less enticing to me since I just want to try the 3G service for one free month and then cancel it. I'm thinking of going back to the Wi-Fi model.
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