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Is anyone else upset about the news that Google is going to kill off the Google Reader RSS service in July? I use it every day and I am going to have to start looking for a replacement. I don't understand why Google is doing this. They could easily add some ads to it and probably make a pile of money.

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This is an interesting article and you will get some laughs if you read the article and then the comments.

Is anyone planning on getting the new Wii U coming out next week? I'm curious as to whether it is going to be successful.

That is weird - Google+ turned my profile photo sideways. I guess it is time to pick a new picture anyway.

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I recommend you pick something you will both be happy about win or lose. 
So my Steelers play the fiancé's Raiders this Sunday. I want to come up with some sort of wager. Any thoughts????

Chris Christie's speech was amazing last night. It gives me hope that our country can still be saved.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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I hit an exciting new weight milestone which is 25 lbs lost (in 1.5 years). It is all thanks to my low sugar, low carb, low exercise way of living. The low exercise part is optional but it saves me a lot of time and gym money.

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This is what my walmart box looked like when i opened it today. I guess they forgot to add packing materials. Fortunately nothing leaked.

I can believe how many free games playstation is giving to their ps+ members. It would be crazy for people to not sign up now.
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