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Simple easy to use wishlist site
Simple easy to use wishlist site
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Is there any way we can improve our website? We're always open to suggestions for ways to make it better! Just drop us a message or reply to this post :)

Not exactly a new feature, but if for some reason, you also have a wishlist on another site, you can import it straight into Things I Love. But unlike before where you needed to request it, you can just add it as a new list and it'll automatically refresh it periodically.

Currently only a couple of wishlist sites are supported at the moment, but we'd be happy to look into adding more if there is demand for other sites.

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New feature time!

You can now give friends the ability to update specific lists. Giving someone this access will mean they can add or delete items from the list. The shared list will also appear on their own lists too and they can give it a different name if required as well.

To edit the name, who has access to view a list or to grant this new feature to people, just click on the pencil icon next to a list's name. Only people who have access to view a list can be granted the ability to edit it. Removing their viewing access will remove their editing abilities, but not strip them of that.

This feature should hopefully make it a lot easier if you have a list you need other people to be able to edit - such as a wedding list - without needing to create a separate account. If you have any such accounts already created, get in touch and it should be possible to merge them with the right accounts.

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Sorry for the birthday alert emails being a bit broken. They should be just fine next time.

In the mean time you can always see whose birthdays are coming up on the logged in home page of the website.

Made a small but noticeable change today - the address for your wishlists should look a bit nicer/easier to remember.

This is a prelude to a rather more significant change, namely the ability to allow people to have shared lists. Ideal for wedding lists for example.

Inline editing of wish lists is now working - just click on the pencil and you'll be able to make changes to the item without needing to go to the edit page.

Any problems or feedback, just comment below.

It looks like people are generally in favour of inline editing from the various responses we've got across all the various social media outlets, so that'll be happening soon.

But in the mean time, a slightly smaller but hopefully also useful feature has been added. When you visit a wish list it provides some indication as to how long ago since it was last updated and each item also shows when it was added or updated recently too.

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So an idea I've had for a while now, would be to allow inline editing of wishlists. Basically rather than going to the edit page you'd be able to alter elements of an item on a wishlist right there. Such as changing the rating or adding a new webpage where you can get the item. The same feature would also be used for adding a new item as well.

It won't replace the current edit page - that would still exist - it would just be another way of updating/adding items.

What are peoples' thoughts? Please provide feedback or ask questions regarding this potential new feature.
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The birthday reminders have been going out for a couple of months now and one thing that this has highlighted is that some of you have changed your email addresses, but not updated them on Things I Love, so we're getting bounces.

Please can you all remember to keep such things up to date, otherwise it means if you lose your password you might not be able to get your account back.

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Birthdays come but once a year, but often they sneak up unexpectedly, so to make sure you have plenty of time to get your wish list jam packed full of shiny things you'd love to get, we're now sending you a little reminder as your birthday approaches.

So if you want to make sure you get this timely reminder, make sure your birthday is set.
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