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Looking for an iBook samples created with iBooks Author. Something student made with embedded multimedia content.

I'm looking for a way to organize volunteers for an event. Something that will collect information and availability and result in placing people in specific time slots/locations and then identify where there are openings or places that need to be filled. Any ideas?

I have loved the resources and ideas that have come form this group and I'm hoping that some of you will have experience with this.
We are launching a 1 to 1 program for our grade 6 and 7 students and are looking for resources for our parent community. We are looking for things that help them navigate a personal device at home, digital citizenship, and things that may help with questions and concerns but also start conversations. A lot to ask... I know - but anything would be appreciated!

For schools with a one to one program, how do you measure success with the devices?

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