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omg i do dance and i love dance moms and u are my fav and abby is so mean
Yes is she mean as hell, but I just love how she teaches them:)
I missed the last few espoused, somebody please update me on the shows I missed.
foo boo
i love to dance  i whis i was a dancer
You guys are the best dancers
ya love the pic big fan i dance at coastal dance in canada NS
Aww kenzie is so adorable and maddie teeth uuuugh
I love the pic. The sure love each other but I sister is better then the other sister
That's soooo cute!!! sibling love!!!1 
I wish my mom would let me join dance I like to dance on my own and make it up
Da Nce
I know how to spell dance I did that on purpose because they didn't let me just spell dance because it was short
Da Nce
I am glad to be
Da Nce
Thank you very much
Da Nce
Cause you bout to get reported and blocked
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