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Matt H
I'm me. ;)
I'm me. ;)


tap tap Is this thing on?

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Hey +Thomas Deeny​, I got it! =)

Let's get something straight -- if you add me and you're a spammer, a marketer, a "tour operator", a hooker or by looking at your profile I see something I object to, you get blocked.  No exceptions.
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Usually I have my postings set on Extended Circles, but I'll just make this Public so I can be assured of getting the message out:

If you add me and I look at your profile and all I see are shared postings, or ads or even weeks and weeks worth of your game achievements, you're blocked. My take on G+ is that YOU contribute something from you. The occasional share is fine -- I do it as well -- but if you're just going to pass things through...sorry, I've got RSS feeds that do the job better. =)

Of the last 10 people who've added me, eight have been blocked. I'm not on here for quantity, but quality, so not having those people following me is fine.

(Now we'll see how many people add me having not even read what I

bounce bounce bounce

Yeah, no real substance to this posting. I am just having a good day, so I'm going to enjoy it and be silly. ;)

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I can't help but LOL. xD

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I remember having at least one or two of these myself. I didn't appreciate the designs on the lid, but I remember thinking that they slid open was cool. And the lib balm was yummy. ;)

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Had a totally NOM lunch with +Melissa Haferkamp and her BF! So much fun! =)
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