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Message for the old spanish sceners lurking around. Any of you guys got the source of Dawn/Chanka or the Quake 3 D3D viewer I had back in the day? I seem to have misplaced a CD backup (and I don't seem to have emailed myself the backup). Sucks :(
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For the Q3 stuff, even the binary would be cool. Don't seem to have that either...
I would also line to get Dawn, as is my last "work" as scener ;) did I make any thing later?
Btw, I'll attend the revision party next month I hope I'm not to old for that!!
+Ruben Ramos Alright, I'm going to owe you big time for whatever you can recover. I suspect dawn sources are going to be what we had at the end of BCN party and now what launched. They have to be somewhere, I'll keep looking.