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Neekoe Nico-Bolacha
Freelance Motion Designer //
Freelance Motion Designer //

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Get involved... :)
99Frames - The Social Animation Project is ready to RRRRRRuuuumbbbllleeeeee. Get all the informations you need for this great Social Project over at

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Get involved!
99frames 2012 - The official announcement. Read all about this fantastic CINEMA 4D project here: 

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GOOGLE's vs FACEBOOK's TERMS via +L'ammiraglio Valerio

This is a must read. You find what you see in the picture under these links:

so apparently G+ went public? nice!!! finally!!!

Phew ... crazy busy but lovin' it!!!

for some funny reason lots of people are having a hard time giving google+ a chance ... those damn habits!!!

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TOO SICK!!!! Cloud - MultiTalent!!!!

"The Music Box" - Daniel Cloud Campos


had to take off today... little man sick as a motha.... poor dude!!!

'BrideMaids' it is for 2nite!!!
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