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Tanya Herald
Liz and Tanya. Two friends. Two perspectives. One blog. See Girls blog...see our beautiful mess.
Liz and Tanya. Two friends. Two perspectives. One blog. See Girls blog...see our beautiful mess.

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A Bag of Diapers
Okay totally cannot take credit for the awesome diaper bag pattern that is F to the R -E-E … yep that says FREE. But I wanted to show off my favorite sewing project thus far. I LOVE IT. I love the colors and the size and the pockets.. all 7 of them. I still...

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$40 Hammock Stand
This is one of these projects that I've had in my head forever. Its was just a matter of getting motivated enough to dive in. In all honesty, this project was neither costly or time consuming. I spent more time gathering supplies than we did building.  Cost...

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Sparkly paper.. cork.. and naptime
        What do I do when
my new baby finally starts taking   hour
long naps rather than her 30 minute power naps? I run through the house trying
to find whatever I can to throw together to make something pretty to look at. Yes,
I probably should be sweepin...

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Industrial Open Shelving
This has to be one of my favorite projects of all times! (I say that every few months you know, but the title of: FPOAT (favorite project of all time) is currently held by my industrial open shelving in our kitchen which is mounted on our subway tile that w...

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Oversized Napkin
Oversized napkin…
table rapkin (runner-napkin)… Totally feeling uneducated on table linens
at this moment. In an attempt to add some new décor to my previously naked
kitchen table, I wanted to make a table runner: without it being to long…. Table
cloth: wit...

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Tandem Bike Art
This is the continuation of an epic project. Not because its overwhelming or costly, but the direction I am taking this room is evolving as we go. I'm going slow and enjoying the process. You can see how the playroom started in my home tour . Big. Green. Em...

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Front Door Fever
Door Fever? Is
there even such a thing? If so, I’m pretty sure I’ve had it, for months …
actually FOUR months. This picture to me
seems like this is just yesterday. Check out the mean mug on my boy. Okay so,
looking beyond my chipper children, look ...

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Perfect not so perfect: Swing shelves
          Came across this image today while catching up on The Nester. Totally how I am feeling. I have previously been overly obsessive about the way other people view me, my home, my . . . well pretty much everything. I can honestly say that my eyes are ...

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The Post You Should Stop Reading
First thing you say when you walk into a room while house shopping: "this room is great, it has so much natural light!" First thing you do after moving into said house: cover up that natural light! Stop. The. Murder. 5 minutes...thats all I'm asking of you....
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