SCROTUS rules all people created equal, corporate people more equal than others.

In a decision seemingly influenced by George Orwell's Animal Farm, SCROTUS ruled that corporations are entitled to more civil protection than civilians. Experts are projecting that this broad decision will allow for the eventual enslavement of all individuals by faceless corporations.

In the majority opinion, Justice Scalito stated, "Corporate personhood entitles corporations to all the rights, but none of the responsibilities, that come with actual personhood."

"If [corporations] are people, they are surely sociopaths," said predominant organizational theorist Dr. Fark Knockenberg. He continued, "Their myopic focus on profits at the exclusion of all else is a clear indication of sociopathic tendencies."

Knockenberg is currently writing a paper to highlight the dangers of giving corporations unlimited power to do things that regular citizens are not allowed to do. "While I'm excited to write the paper, I doubt it will get published because all the major publishing houses are owned by sociopathic corporations," Knockenberg lamented.

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