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Attention PLEASE

Today is a glorious day for those of us riding the #BoycottApple train! This is possibly the funniest thing we've heard all year. Go ahead and give Apple the finger by +1'ing and sharing this post.

Let them know that you will NOT be a sheep!


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Found in a book by Hunter S. Thompson:

_"Hear me, people: We have
now to deal with another race --
small and feeble when our
fathers first met them, but
now great and overbearing.
Strangely enough they have
a mind to till the soil and the
love of possession is a disease
with them. These people have
made many rules that the rich
may break but the poor may not.
They take their tithes from the
poor and weak to support the rich
and those who rule."_

-- Chief Sitting Bull, speaking at
the Powder River Conference,

The Great Shark Hunt
6% through The Great Shark Hunt by Thompson, Hunter S. on Kindle for Android!

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The cake is a lie. +Andrew Tayloe

Unbelievable Game 6: Hometown Hero David Freese puts Cards over the top in the 11th to force Game 7! 

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