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New blog post!

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NEW BLOG POST: Driving in the DR, Rules of the Road

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NEW BLOG POST: On the decision to hire housework help, struggles with class and gendered responsibilities

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New Blog Post on homesickness...any tips?

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New Blog Post: Dealing with past tragedy as we return to the D.R.

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Facing Tragedy In Search of Healing
For me, the
Dominican Republic is a place of great joy and even greater pain.  Most people think of palm trees, beautiful
beaches, and wonderful people when they think of the D.R.  While I do think of all those things, I also
have painful flashbacks to the ...

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NEW BLOG POST: Started a 30-day meditation challenge! Any takers?!

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Meditation (Day 6/30): Aligning Mind and Body
My mind is completely at odds with my
body.  A few days ago, someone asked how
the transition period was going and I said it was going well.  She told me I seemed relaxed and I agreed
that I was pretty chill about the whole thing. 
Later that day, I reasses...

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New Blog Post about smoothing big transitions for little ones.

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Strategies for Smoothing Big Transitions: "Life with Kids" Edition
Life in the D.R.
will be a big adjustment for all of us, and I would like to be intentional
about making that transition smooth – especially for my little ones. My partner
and I have lived there before, but I can remember how jarring it was to be in a
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