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#facebook are rumoured to be planning on creating their own phone. Oh dear lord, no!

I can kinda see the logic that leads to the conclusion that they need to do this. Facebook make money from advertising and mobile is the future, that kind of thing. But for a company that has spent an awfully long time doing a crap job on mobile to leap from nothing to launching their own phone with mobile operating system, etc... is pretty far fetched. If not downright foolhardy.

To even remotely compete in that space they'd need to spend a huge chunk or their IPO money and even then they'd be starting from way behind the field.

The worrying thing from an investor's perspective is that I can see how a plausible board room argument could be constructed for this...


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A saturday morning read: ComScore Digital Future report, 2012. #email is, like, sooo last century. Just ask the #teenagers .

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As Evans Finch is new to +Google+ it seems fitting that our first post should relate to why small businesses should be paying attention to it!
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