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Just fixed a Download/Install Error -505 with #natter. My payment authority  had expired, so I deleted that record from my profile. The other six steps didn't help.

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A story on the #VW software affair; asking how when we need to know, do we know that #software tells the truth. The final link in the story is a personal blog article where I argued that all the regulators software should be open, especially the election regulators'. (This went down like a ton of shit in a fan factory).

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At the heart of my support for Jeremy Corbyn is his recognition that we can only clear the deficit by growing the economy. Fiscal policy i.e. tax and spend won't work; it reduces demand and is doomed to failure. The other three will not confront this truth. This was written in early August before Yvette Cooper's speech on the 13th, which articulates a supply side (and longer term) growth strategy, but is still wedded to the Darling plan. This links to my Storify on Corbyn's economic policy, more specifically on his proposal for a people's QE.

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I have been busy organising (in a small way) and participating in Labour's Leadership elections, my August blog details my advice and reasons. I have also built some Storys at storify.

Did anyone get anywhere with I sort of need a tutorial in writing a query?

Can we have an icon for Elementary OS in #Oracle #Virtualbox

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This is very pretty and while their app. suite is not necessarily the best, I like the desktop.

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I am considering replacing my home IT, what shall I get. Alienware or Raspberry Pi?

I am now running my first docker host. This is awesome and easy. Why didn't Sun do this with Zones? They had the technology 10 years ago.

However despite the noise and the real political power the open source advocates had, Sun never got the tendency to monopoly in chips & hardware. As with so much of Solaris they rejected the concept of the third party repo and, unlike Oracle , who recognised the threat from MySQL, failed to effectivly recognise that the second competitive advantage that Linux had over Solaris was an ease of install. Zones were never easy and Sun on Intel was always an after thoight.
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