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Review/ Haulage: Bath & Body Works
Hello hello! You must be wondering where I disappeared to since October 2016, let me tell you I have a completely valid excuse. Instead of adopting a cat, I had a baby. Yup, a baby. A tiny human. I will save all that drama for another post, but for now, let...

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Posts that never made it: Black on Black
You might be thinking: Saf, what are you wearing?  Aha! I got your attention, didn't I? As weird as this outfit looks, I drew inspiration from a fashion icon,  Ashley Olsen and a Bollywood movie, Gulab Gang . Interesting combination. Let me know what you th...

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Want: Bombay Perfumery
Hej! (Swedish for Hello), how are y'all doing? I realize a catch up is in order as we haven't spoke since July. Unfortunately, I will have to save that for another post as I just wanted to share a quickie with you all. I will, however mention that my tiny h...

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When things get tough.
Yesterday was a difficult day. It started off rough, and on top of that it was Eid which made things even more difficult.Yesterday felt like everything had come crashing down all at once. Though nothing actually did - I think it was all in my head. Not to m...

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Mini Haul: Candles & Beauty Bits
Yesterday on a whim, I decided to hit up my local mall while I ran some errands after my oh-so enjoyable (sarcasm) doctor's appointment. Everyone who goes to the doctor deserves some retail therapy, right? I recently emptied some of my favourite everyday be...

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Life Update, Ramadan & a New Favourite?
Hey there chickies! Long time no see! It's been a while since i've been on this space and for good reason. My last post was a little depressing, i'm sorry, but that's life, it's not all rainbows all day erryday, right?  Summer is upon us which i'm ecstatic ...

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Did I ever mention that I HATE routine? Well now you know, I HATE routine. HATE HATE HATE HATE routine. But guess what? I am routine. I live routine. I breath routine. My life revolves around routine.  Are you tired of the word routine yet?  Where is the sp...

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Disfunkshion Magazine.
think I may have just found my new favourite reading material! As you all know,
I'm normally a  Vogue India  and  Teen Vogue  kind-of-girl
but I think I have finally found a magazine that's all me! I almost missed it
when I went looking for some new reads...

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Review: Bioré Baking Soda Cleanser + Scrub
Well well what do you know, look who it is. Saf has officially returned to this space, but we will talk more about that later because I have some goodies to share with you! I'm a huge skincare junkie and always on the lookout for new products to fall in lov...

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Blogmas Day Twenty-Three
As you can tell, I'm 10 plus days overdue for a Blogmas post... but nothing exciting happened, trust m, you didn't miss a thing! I will say though, in the last ten or so days I have received so many gifts from patients, friends and doctors at work - it's be...
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