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Just got back from a couple mildly successful nights in the Nevada desert. We didn't quite get the conditions or necessary things we needed for amazing photography, but still had a fun time in the desert.   When the weather doesn't cooperate, we like to take tent selfies.  It's quite easy, and really only needs an iPhone and about 20 seconds of exposure.    I'm going to head in the opposite direction tomorrow to see if I can find somewhere else to photograph.  Here's to a good week of chasing light!

#nemo #tent #blackrockdesert 
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Interesting shot! Beautiful though
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the #grandcanyon  is one of the best and most impressive places I've ever seen...but capturing it in a photo is pretty hard....this morning in particular was spectacular, and the light was amazing in all directions, but MAN it was cold.  The first night I ever spent here many years ago, I forgot that it was at nearly 8000 feet elevation, and the resulting frozen night of sleep was enough to remind me to never forget.  Thanks for the adds, +'s, shares, and comments.   prints for any image are available at   #landscapephotography   #sunrise   #grandcanyonnationalpark  
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So cute
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Brian Rueb

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#iceland  is always a good time.  I took this image in 2010 on my solo 3 month journey around the country.  I found this little scene on the outside of Hofn, in the south-east corner of the country.   I had waited through quite a bit of rain for this image...and then the low tide was such I had to go out and get stuck in the mud for awhile to get to this boat...but it was worth it, and still one of the better light displays I've seen in the country.
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Hey guys look at mine
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Brian Rueb

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This months interview is with Marty Knapp…I really enjoyed his monochrome approach, and story.   Give it a read!
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#scotland  is one of my favorite spots for photography, and it's little off-road scenes like this that make it so.  This was a short (like REALLY short) walk off the road...and the opportunities here were quite endless...there were whole other regions and streams I wanted to explore...but alas, so little time.  I can't wait to go back.

This is a 10-stop ND filter + a 3-stop grad around 70 seconds exposure to get movement in the sky, while the sun descended behind the hills.   #monochromemonday  
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How much would u charge to do pics of me
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#goblinvalley  is one of the strangest little pockets in #utah   I only stopped here with my son because it was on our way to Arches...after only a couple hours there I knew I wanted to come back for a much longer exploration.  This was from the only #sunset  I spent here, and it luckily turned out to be a good one.

I'll be heading out in to the deserts of Nevada for a few days of shooting and exploration with some good friends.  Looking forward to getting out and making some new images to add to my backlog.

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Gorgeous sunset. Relaxation!
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#Stykkishólmur  is a town in Western #Iceland may recognize it from the movie The Secret Life of Walter was in there a couple of which it was playing the part of Greenland.  That whole movie with few exceptions was filmed in that were supposed to be the Himalaya were actually in Iceland.  The map they made in that movie about where the volcano was located was totally wrong too...I imagine most of the people who watched the movie were unaware.   DAMN YOU HOLLYWOOD!

This was taken in 2010 before all the hubbub...while I was on my own Walter Mitty-esque adventure.  This sunset (might have been sunrise) was so freaking amazing, I couldn't stop shooting, even though I ran out of things to shoot after a couple of hours.  

After this shot, I went back to my hostel exhausted from chasing light in circles for so long...I was eagerly awaiting a nice cold soda I left in the fridge...I came back to find someone had drank my soda.

so much rage.

anyway thank you all for the visits, shares, and stopping by.  I really appreciate the time.   #landscapephotography   #travelphotography  
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This photo was taken right on the side of the road in Scotland in the highlands.  We were on our way elsewhere, but the light and subject were quite we stopped.   I remember Wu-Tang Clan was playing on our stereo while we shot this place.   #scotland   #highlands  

It's funny, I can't remember to pick up specific things from the grocery store...but I remember Wu-Tang was on the radio when I took a photograph.   
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This pic is totallly amaze!! Two thumbs up
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Sometimes when I'm out shooting other things pop up that are more interesting than the surrounding environment.  On this day, the waves were quite large, and watching these surfers roll along the shore was a great bit of fun   #surfingphotography   #monochromemonday  
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ill be doing that this weekend in California 
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This is a shot from the   #floridakeys    I found this little dock outside a hotel, and asked the lady running the desk if I could shoot it.  She looked at me like I was crazy...and said, "I guess."  

When I go there  four chairs sat on the dock, but I liked the feel better of 1 char, so I threw the others in the ocean....I actually set them on the end of the dock...but the people who were waiting to enjoy a beer and watch the sunset weren't thrilled I was set up to shoot their dock...thankfully it only took a few minutes and they were able to move the chairs back and enjoy the last rays of the evening sun.   #thirstythursday   #travelthursday  
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