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US bombing Syria Iraq Afghanistan Libya Yemen Somalia Pakistan in 2016.

Baby killing is so much easier when you can do it with a joystick

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#oliveira is trending on twitter. Funny.

Calling them #Faithlesselectors is almost the opposite of what they are, #HamiltonElectors is better, #ConscientiousElectors, best.
Please share.

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Ask yourselves, what are you there for? States could have sent tallies to the federal government, and the decision would be made without human "Electors". But the founding fathers have put into the constitution that electors shall meet, and vote. There can only be one reason to do this instead of an automatic system - human judgement. You can judge whether it is likely that foreign powers have inserted themselves into our system. You can judge whether a president who does not take seriously enough the position as to refuse daily intellegence briefings is the right persion for the job. You can judge whether he is capable of putting the laws of our country or the well-being of others before himself, as will be his sworn duty. Judgement is how the elector system is superior to one of an automatic number we see on our television screens on election night.

So I emplore you: use your judgement. Otherwise, your position has no value.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.


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The Untold Story, Page 1: Recession is Coming

So what I'm about to tell you, no-one told you before: a recession is coming.

OK, maybe they have. Maybe someone said the opposite too. Well, I'm going to show you something that will make you call your broker and tell him to sell everything.

So if you look at a chart of unemployment (pick whichever you believe, it works for E6, E9 or whatever) you see a "Sawtooth" pattern. (the slope down is slow and constant, while the slope up is sharp):

What happens if we overlay recessions?

Notice that the recession overlays the rapid rise (which makes sense, right?) But look just before the rapid rise:

Do you see that flat spot just before the recession? Recessions have a bigger tell then the "crane technique" from Karate Kid.

Now lets look at the chart of recent unemployment.

See the flat spot at the end? Not good. Gurd your loins.


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Winning the statehouses in these 11 states helps us draw half the congressional districts

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Looking at these stats, MA should pay for people in other states to get an education!
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