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Benny Shao, O.D. (San Jose Vision Therapy)
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“ Vision Therapy is the art and science of understanding how another person sees the world through their eyes, knowing how the perception is warped and knowing how to fix it.”

Dr. Benny Shao

Just got a great review on yelp!

"Thank you very much, Dr. Shao, for devotedly helping my 13 years old son's vision and tracking problems for a lifelong changing.

After completing 30 vision therapy sessions with Dr. Shao, Scott is now able to focus in his reading and has vastly improved in his comprehensive reading skills and is doing well at school."

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So passionate about what I do. Here's another testimonial I received last week. 

"Honestly, during the whole process I didn’t quite immediately notice a change. But after half a year taking another eye examination, surprisingly all those problems disappeared. I gained back my 20/20 eyesight, which my parents never imagine I would get back without the use of glasses or contacts." - A. Siu

"If you are considering letting your child take vision therapy, I highly recommend it. The therapy requires the patient to do eye exercise almost everyday, but Dr. Shao tries to make the exercise as fun as possible so that it won’t be tormenting to do and also the exercise only takes about 10 minutes each time." 

A. Siu
18 years old
High School Student

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What is Convergence Insufficiency and Convergence Excess?

Read my latest blog post to see if this can be the cause of your child's academic problems. 

Before heading to your family doctor, you might want to check with an optometrist that specializes in vision therapy.

My new blog:

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"He actually helped improve my prescription after the vision therapy. I really have him to thank, for relieving my eyes of the intense strain and also for improving my vision and prescription."

Isabel W. 
San Jose, CA
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