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Ridiculous DMARC Loop


My server sent a DMARC report for a domain that requests (in their DMARC record) a full report in each case. Their server then sent a bounce message back from an IP outside the scope of their SPF record, which triggered my server to send a report, etc.

I think I managed to stop it after about 700 sent e-mails.

PS4 Broadband Slowdown

Dropping this here in case it helps others, but also in case I forget...

For months, every time I turned on my PS4 (even with network disabled), my broadband would slow to a crawl (WiFi or wired, didn't matter). Virgin Media SuperHub 2 (possibly relevant). Tried all sorts of config changes (MTU, wired/WiFi, etc.). Nobody on the 'net seemed to have had quite the same issue.

Finally solved it - replaced the HDMI cable that came with the PS4 with a quality, shielded one.

Still no idea if the interference affected the co-axial cable or the SH2 box, but there it is.

iOS users that follow me: apply today's update (9.3.5) as quickly as you can. It's about the most critical I've seen for years...

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Do you consider your e-mail address to be a "secret"? I haven't since about 1995...

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Another milestone reached - TSAR now lists 250 Infosec professionals!

22 years ago today, +Wendy Bance and I promised each other we'd stick together for the rest of our lives.

Most sensible promise I ever made, and the easiest to keep.

I find myself wondering what percentage of the UK population has access to enough accurate, unbiased, "evidenced" information to make an informed decision about the EU.

I don't. I don't know anybody else that does.

So this referendum result will be based purely on reportage, personalities and political loyalty.

I can't vote, as despite extensive research, I can't find convincing evidence either way. Lots of emotive arguments, sure, but this isn't about "feelings".

Economists and technocrats should decide, really. Not me - I'm not qualified. And not politicians - their eyes are on their careers.

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243 TSAR members now. Let me know if your listing generates leads or work!
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