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My latest image seems to be doing well on 500px:
Sunset over a farmland in North Dakota.
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Footprints in the sand. Cliche´ but still makes for a great image. #beach   #hawaii   #oahu   #sand   #ocean   #landscape  
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This morning I got up at 4:30am to go get a shot of the first light from the sunrise. Unfortunately, it was cloudy with periods of light rain all day on the back side of Oahu. I was able to get a little peek at the sun as it crossed the horizon. This was at Makapuu Beach.
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It looks like a greater power lead you to this shot - it is beautiful! 
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Had one of these for lunch. Well, actually 2 of them due to the fact they were so good. Hula Dog. Awesome. #hawaii #HulaDog #honolulu
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This will be my journey today.
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So Facebook keeps asking me "How are you feeling?" I dont know how to answer that. I am a sea of emotions right now. I lost my mother to cancer today. I'm not sure which feeling to go with.
I'm sad that I lost my mom to cancer. I can't even type that without my eyes watering up. I tried to finish typing that sentence 5 times. I can't believe she is gone. For those of you that knew her, she was that strongest out of all of my family. The closest to God. The healthiest living. The most giving. The one who cared more about others than herself. The woman that raised me and my siblings and taught us how to treat others. Always ready to laugh and see the bright side of every situation. And wouldn't hesitate to whip up something to eat whether you needed a "nosh" to tie you over or wanted a full-blown gourmet meal. She was the one that was always ready with a bowl of home made chicken soup when you were feeling down and out. And the one who always had a little message or gift to share when you needed a pick-me-up. She devoted herself to God while still having the time to give her love and support to a Rock Star and a few athletes. And she never asked for anything in return.
I'm also angry. I'm pissed that this stupid disease took an amazing woman. How dare they take one of the best people out of this world! How dare you take MY mom! I don't want cancer to take the life of anyone, but if it has to, then why her? Can you answer me that? Why couldn't anything be done? Why did it have to end this way? Why did this all happen so fast? Who screwed up?
These are questions that may never be answered, and cannot be dwelled upon. What happens is God's will and he chose to take my mother to be with Him. And that leads me to another feeling...
I am happy. Happy that my mother doesn't have to suffer in this world anymore. Happy that she is at peace and walking with Him in heaven. She is in a better place. I know we will all see her again when the time is right. God has another angel to help fight the battle against evil, and I know that she will be with me and my family whenever we need her. To anyone else who has been touched by my mother in their lives, she will be there for you as well. In death, as in life, she will find a way to be there for those in need. Tucked away in a bible. Hiding under one of her little painted stones that she carried with her everywhere and gave to anyone needing a little inspiration. Leaving little notes and memories to remind you of her and how she would want everyone to look toward the future and make the best of the life you are blessed with. That's what I'm going to do...
I wish I could have been there at the end. I had to leave and missed it by a day. I told her I would be back soon though and to keep fighting. But I wasn't there, and that is ok.
I miss her already. I wish I could pick up the phone and give her a call to see how she is, or just hear her voice. I wish I could send her a text or an email and get a response with a bible scripture, or inspirational message for how to deal with this. I feel lost, but everything will be ok.
She wouldn't want me to be upset. She would have wanted me to push on. The last thing she said to me was "go and do your thing, and don't worry about me. I'll be just fine."
And I believe her. I love you mom.

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Jesse Alan Paul Hoorelbeke

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Hey all... Galaxy S3 sprint here. Restored a nandroid backup of a solid working install of the rom to a replacement phone.
Lost the data and camera completely. Went back to stock rom and updated profile and prl. Camera worked. Wiped, flashed back to my backup of resurrection remix. Data back. Still no camera.
Any ideas? 
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So heres an update if anyone is reading this.
Took a titanium backup of my resurrection remix apps and data setup minus the camera and gallery of course. Completely wiped the phone of everything. Including stock sprint Rom. Odin'ed a factory Rom and recovery to return the s3 to store bought condition. Booted it up into the stock Sprint/Samsung Touchwiz 4.3 and everything worked. Camera, data, you name it. So I completely set it up, rooted it and flashed up a custom recovery. Everything still worked on stock. Took a nandroid of the stock setup for safety. Wiped phone and fresh installed latest resurrection build and gapps.
Data was fine. Pickle up LTE quickly and signal was strong.
Camera crashed and gave me the "cannot connect to camera" immediately. Tried a few other cameras from the play store. None worked.
Tried flashing different gapps. Still nothing. Decided to titanium restore my other apps so I can continue using the rom while I figured it out.
Restored apps and data. Reboot. Phone won't get past resurrection boot animation.
Wiped and back to stock nandroid backup. Everything works.
I really want this rom to work. For the 2 days I was using it, it was my favorite I've ever run. The camera worked perfectly with this ROM on the last s3 that I had. I can't figure out why this particular phone won't let it work.

Like I asked, if anybody is reading this, do you have any ideas?
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One from my Spitting Caves shoot last Sunday in Oahu.
Cynthia at the Spitting Caves in Oahu. Windy day, so this was just with speedlights backed off far enough to use the full 16mm of the shot and still capture the beauty of the surroundings as well.
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A couple more shots from yesterday morning's sunrise on Oahu.
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My buddy I'm staying with here in Oahu wanted to go for an evening swim last night. So we went down to Mana Kai beach in Waikiki just as the sun was going down.  I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get this shot. The water was warm, the breeze was cool. It couldn't have been a more gorgeous evening. #oahu   #manakai   #jalanpaul   #sunset   #beach   #hawaii  
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Last night was my first night here in Oahu, and my buddy Rafael took me up to Puu Ualakaa State Park to shoot the sunset. This is Round Top Point, overlooking downtown Honolulu to the left, and Pearl Harbor to the right. I could have stood up there for hours watching this.
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+Darron Agawa I'll see what I can come up with! Haha
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When are all my photo buddies gonna be around to hang out again? You all know who you are... Where ya at?
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