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My superpower is making straight girls wonder

From 2017's Dyke March via:

(Which, as the URL indicates, is NSFW.)

I'm having computer trouble, and I'm not sure how to phrase it to get results in Google.

tl;dr Boot sector is corrupt and Windows Startup Repair hangs before I can tell it to fix it.

Alli's laptop (Lenovo E540) stopped booting after she installed Windows updates. It has done this before, so I tried things that worked in the past.

1. Remove any USB devices.

2. Remove the battery and boot from plug only.

Neither thing worked. So I fiddled with the boot order, putting the hard drive first. No luck.

I was unable to boot into safe mode.

Then I ran a bunch of BIOS hardware tests. Everything passed (quick and extended versions).

Then I scanned for bad sectors. It found 16, which I told it to repair--and this, I suspect, made the problem worse.

Now when the computer boots up, I get a message telling me the boot sector is corrupt. So I grabbed my Windows 7 disc to get into the Startup Repair.

1. Choose language and time zone. Great, done. Click next.

2. Install or Repair. Click Repair.

3. No new dialog pops up.

4. Wait four hours to be good and sure it's not just crawling.

5. Reboot, try again, repeat.

6. Come to you all for help.

+Gen Con Indy badges purchased and hotel booked! :-D

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I'm participating in a walking challenge at +Herman Miller, and I'm using Google Fit to track my steps.

Google Fit seems to think I have an 8-inch step: 13,511 steps to reach 1.73 miles. o_O


Things came together just in time for me to be able to pick up The Strange Box on BackerKit!


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I have a Serenity sweet potato.

The bidding will start at $50.

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Lawful Good Gaming is moving full-steam ahead with events in April & May. Our new organization is currently helping to fundraise for the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Government Accountability Project, and the National Immigration Law Center. We're currently operating mostly on Facebook, but will be launching our website soon. That said, we've already started scheduling events and have helped raise over $700!

Here's our current list of events:

Sat 4/8 - Numenera, Let's Go to Queslin.

Wed 4/12 - Cypher System Modern.

Sat 4/15 - Saturday Morning Supers Presents: Civil Outreach.

Thu 4/20 - Delta Green, Springtime in the City of God(s).

Sat 5/6 - Lamentations of the Flame Princess, When the Light Goes Out.

Sat 5/13 - World Wide Wrestling, FIGHT FEST 2017.

We're still looking for more players and more GM's, so make sure to check us out!

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Want to play an RPG while supporting a great cause? On Saturday, May 6th, I'll be running an online Lamentations of the Flame Princess adventure on behalf of the Lawful Good Gaming organization. The adventure, When the Light Goes Out, is based on the Darkest Dungeon video game series. For this game we will be supporting the Government Accountability Project.

(UPDATE: 2 seats left)

The price of admission is simple: proof of donation to the Government Accountability Project (email/print screen).

For more information about the Government Accountability Project:

To learn more about Lawful Good Gaming:

Brutal night for my Curse of Strahd players. Ended the session with 1 NPC running away, 1 NPC dead, two PCs dead, one PC unconscious, and only the warlock (out of spells) and the sorcerer upright.
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