Missions at Empire.Kred

Empire.kred is a virtual stock market game. This article discusses missions on empire.kred.
There are three types of missions.Invest missions enable an individual to offer free shares in their stock. Gift missions enable an individual to offer free eaves that can be used  by the acquirer. The remaining types of missions offer eaves in exchange for doing something, such as visiting someone's twitter, utube or other social media sites. Sometimes they require people to engage by liking, retweeting or performing other affirmative activity in exchange for eaves. 
 Invest missions and gift missions are great opportunities for individuals to acquire new shares and new eaves to increase their assets. Some players believe that players should not take advantage of all available missions, to leave some eaves on the table, not to hog the eaves offered. I disagree.  Empire.kred is a 24 hour game and players will not be able for 24 hours to acquire eaves or shares in all missions offered. There are so many missions offered that a player would have to play for hours on end and still not be able to participate in all available missions. The mission creator can choose how many eaves and shares to offer and an individual can only complete one mission at a time. Once they have completed the mission they can't  take the same mission again, unless it is offered at a different time. Even if a player is active  on missions they can't acquire a significant percentage of eaves in any one individual, given the relatively low limits of shares anyone can own, as well as the costs to acquire such shares. Players can temporarily block an individual from getting free shares or eaves in performing a particular missions, if they don't want a player to benefit from that mission. This does not prohibit the player of acquiring shares using their own eaves, or performing missions without compensation by liking or retweeting pages that others are rewarded for.  People not on empire.kred are freely liking or retweeting without any benefit so the impact on a block is minimal.
Many people use the missions to market themselves on empire.kred and elsewhere. If you believe that spending your eaves to offer missions will improve your social status, you will see over time if the results are there. Many agree that they have received such benefits.
     Missions are a key activity on empire.kred. Make sure you engage in them, either by offering missions to others, or participating in other's missions.
     I enjoy missions on empire.kred, by taking them and offering them, too. If you wish to join me there, here is the link: https://www.empire.kred/CPAJOE?t=ezmic9th  
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