When to Sell Shares on Empire.Kred

Empire.kred is a virtual stock market game . In this article I will discuss when to sell shares.
Some players hardly ever sell. They might be long term players who have amassed hundreds of millions of eaves or even more, and have nowhere to deploy these assets, due to the limit on shares one can own, and the limited number of active players for whom there is an active market. Others have acquired many shares without paying eaves for them, through gift or invest missions by players who offer shares to others to increase the value of their shares in the market.   While there is no prohibition on selling such shares, many in the community frown on individuals selling freely acquired shares. But free players have no way of knowing when they look at their share holdings whether they acquired shares via purchase, gift or investment. Perhaps empire.kred can issue two classes of shares- restricted stock and unrestricted stock. Restricted stock can still earn dividends and be valued at full value ( or even discounted for limits on sale). Consideration can be made to increase the sales commission on restricted shares sold.
 Others sell shares that are not providing sufficient dividends  or the owner does not acquire a certain amount of shares in the acquiring shareholder. Some expect the buyer to acquire substantially the same amount of shares that the seller has. This is impractical. Since many of the higher priced stocks are beyond the ability of new players to match such shares, they cannot keep up. A fairer equalization could be based on cumulative share value. A 50 per eaves share stock with 100 shares owned could cost 5,000 eaves. If a person acquired 5 shares of a 1,000 eaves share price stock in return, that would result in equal value. It does not make sense for new players  to buy 100 shares of a 1,000 eaves stock, or 100,000 eaves to own equal shares. Similarly,when the new player's value increases, it would be consistent for that player not to expect the now newer players to own similar amounts of their higher priced stock.
Another time to sell stock is when a stock falls. How does one know when? Look at the chart of the stock price. Generally you will see the first week of stock price increasing followed by a significant increase over the next week or two.  Soon afterwards the stock will level out as by now almost all of the players who wish to acquire your stock have done so. Inevitably some people then begin to sell the stock and the chart trends down. Should one hold a declining stock? I'm in favor of selling such stocks. Many are of players who only came for a short period of time and are not active players in the game. These players will own few if any shares in others and mostly likely none of yours. Neither of you may have developed a relationship with the other. If they list their other social profiles you can try to interact with them on their other sites if you didn't on empire.kred.  If the player is active on the site by buying shares in others, participating in missions, and joining and participating in communities, then it is likely that additional shareholders will buy their shares, increasing its value and limiting the amount of sales.
    A player may also decide to sell share in one stock to acquire shares in others. This could happen if the expected returns in the new investment will exceed that of the old one, after paying commissions to sell to also to acquire new shares.  It may tougher to sell shares in those who own your stock, or with whom you have a relationship, but you can.
    I enjoy playing the market at empire.kred to increase my eaves and sharpen my skills in the virtual stock market. If you wish to join me at empire.kred my link is https://www.empire.kred/CPAJOE?t=ezmic9th
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