An http://Empire.Kred Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a day of remembering family and friends and also to think about interests of times gone by. During the past year I joined social site and met a bunch of interesting people who fed these interests. Today I give tribute to a sample of them.
Helen Rittersporn of Coastal North Carolina writes a blog called anchor scraps that blends new technology communication with old style corresponding. My old interests in letter writing and stamp collecting appear often in her blog and I enjoy her work.
Jen Rainwater of Pioneer CA was the original Oakland A's sock girl and now blogs about baseball. Baseball fans young and old will enjoy Jen's blogs.
Webster McN from Colorado Springs CO blogs about life and business lessons learned from chess. A good way to keep my interest in chess intact while gaining solid business advice.
Interested in music? Plenty of talented people crossed my path, from music CEO Rex Dow and Meresha, Timothy Snow managing Lily Kennex, and Joe Liedke of Rochester NY. All made an impact on me.
I'm still looking for a genealogy blog there but have other sites I look for in meeting my needs to explore my family tree.
Looking to find new bloggers or artists to look back on next Thanksgiving? Join me at at I look forward to seeing you there.
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