My Review of Linkedin in December, 2015
While Linkedin continues to evolve over the years, the basic premise remains the same. Use it to find people or businesses who can help you or become a prospect for your business, through people you know and trust. Job seekers can also use the site to learn more about a company they may wish to work for. They can also find employees of a company they are researching for information they can't obtain elsewhere.
Creating and maintaining an up to date profile on Linkedin with a recent professional photo remains a key first step to take on the site. 
Linkedin provides a view of your network, which includes not only your direct connections, but also their contacts and more, going out to the third degree. You can search for people in your network by many criteria including company name, location, school and industry. You can also search for people who are members of Linkedin groups using similar criteria.
Use the site to keep in touch with your contacts. Post articles, in groups or on your own profile page. Send messages to your contacts. Read the Linkedin blog, to learn about new features on the site.
Linkedin provides you with a social selling index to help evaluate your selling results using four criteria: creating a professional brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights,and building strong relationships. Linkedin conducted a survey of top sales pros and used the results to correlate key selling characteristics with sales success.  The results enable you to work on areas that need improvement. Each of the four areas has its own score,and they are combined into a final score. The scores are not public but many individuals promote their scores if they are high. To apply social selling techniques, Linkedin also offers a sales navigator application for which there is a cost depending on the size of your company. This app also integrates with another product for premium users, called lead builder, in which you can create and save lists of prospects you uncover on the site.
I've been a linkedin user since its initial year and was quoted in the New York Times in its September 30th, 2010 issue for how I used Linkedin to keep in touch with my network. I look forward to hearing from others to compare notes on using Linkedin and to see how we can be of help to each other in growing our networks which will ultimately lead to new business and increased business success.
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