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Third quarter estimated taxes in the USA are due September 15. Watch to see if Irma affects your location, as the Internal Revenue Service and your state and local government may respond due to the storm and give you extra time to meet deadlines.

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Post has attachment has created over a thousand #RESIST groups around the USA, and they already have over 50 thousand members. This is their response to the travel ban created by executive order of the President, and temporarily on hold due to decisions by a local judge and a three judge panel of the 9th US Court of Appeals. We do live in interesting times.

Successfully completed my recertification exam for quickbooks online version, 2017 edition

Attended annual Working Together Conference with IRS and fellow tax practitioners yesterday at Seton Hall University in South Orange, NJ to get ready for the upcoming tax season.

passed my recertification exam for quickbook online 2017 edition

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As a followup to yesterday's post of remembering the 1962 space flight of the late John Glenn coinciding with the issuance of the Project Mercary stamp, here is a 2012 article about the creation of that secret stamp, during the year of the 50th anniversary of the flight. The stamp was issued in 305 large cities. In addition to the stamps my dad bought for me, I have in my possession a first day of issue plate block of four Mercury stamps, stamped at Cape Canaveral.

My dad heard the news that the US Post Office had issued Project Mercury stamps as astronaut John Glenn's capsule landed in the Ocean, and I had a wonderful surprise that very night to receive a few of those stamps he picked up for me, a young teen who collected stamps. History in the making, as there was no prior notice that these stamps would be issued. RIP to one of the original Mercury astronauts, and thanks,dad for the memory .

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I'll be attending this annual event with the NYC Department of Taxation tomorrow.

Second quarter estimated taxes due June 15 in the USA
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