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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Fridays will donate 20% of your meal to the Livingston NJ library today. Bring coupon or click on it from your phone. I was president of the library's endowment fund for many years.
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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lots of interesting ideas to obtain a targeted list plus see who follows you back.
If you're building a brand online, you don't just want any Google Plus followers, you need to know how to get targeted Google Plus followers. Here's how...
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Take a look at I've been there since inception, making new friends and staying with the early adapters to create something new.
tsu users describe why they think tsu is a "new revolution", accompanied by my song "new revolution". Turn it up.

 "new revolution" is available on iTunes here:

Video link:

#tsu #music #newmusic #iTunes #YouTube   #merehsa  
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Hello everyone

Living in city of North India, around 400 kms away from Kathmandu(capital of Nepal), I experienced the most devastating earthquake for the first time.
The 7.9 magnitude quake hits my city at about 6.9 magnitude.

On 25 April, at 11:45 am, I was working on my laptop, resetting the hotspot for WiFi.
The bed shook, vibrated slightly like someone shove from behind,
I turned around and saw no one, bed was still shaking, 
I was still in room gazing at things as the adjacent cupboard opened automatically.
In a glance, I understood it's an earthquake 
I shouted for my mother, Run Earthquake, she followed me from another room and we went out of the house.

I live in a dense populated colony,
The atmosphere outside was unbelievable, like a scene from sci-fi movie.
The stormy wind was speedy, cloud thundered, noise coming from everywhere.

What fascinated me is the groups of monkeys came on roads along with street dogs, 
they are like rivals on normal days
The birds circling above

And believe me, Earth was still shaking, like never before, never for this long.
I was feeling dizzy, people were fainted on road!!

That earthquake lasted for about 1:30 minutes at least.

People had discussions and shared their experienced thoroughly in groups and then returned to their home.

Power was cut already.
Mobile networks were unavailable already.

I ran for my laptop and searched for the news related earthquake in India, (I was not knowing the epicenter is in Nepal).
Believe me, There was NO NEWS related earthquake at that time, No update.
The news media was literally discussing on Delhi's politics.
Though, after a minute they showed bottom strips and then news was flashing on every channel about the earthquake.

I tried to call my father on phone, but the line was unreachable.

The wind slowed, sun shone again.
But it was not the end.

Another earthquake soon after the first one was felt, 
It was less on magnitude and lasted for about 20 seconds.
everyone came out the houses.
They were scared, half of them didn't returned home.

At least 14 aftershocks have been observed on that day(In Nepal), the powerful ones reached my city and further cities, the last one at around 6:30 pm, even that was so severe that my bed was shaking.

Some people gossiped till late night, some went to nearby field to spend the night in temporary tents.

It was my first big Earthquake experience,
and first for most of the Nepalese and North east Indians.

Now, people are suffering from post traumatic disorders, It feels like you have traveled 2-3 days in train.

On 26 April, 40 tremors has been recorded, fresh tremors were felt across North India.
Another earthquake from different epicenter measured at 6.9 magnitude.
The tremors badly hit my city and nearby cities, killing at least 12 people and many injured,
And in Bihar, (adjacent state) where 60 people died, the tremors went on for several minutes.

The rumors on social media is unlimited.
The reality is like a nightmare.

In Nepal, at least 6000 people are now known to have died in a massive earthquake.

Pray for Nepal,
Donate for Nepal.

And if possible, provide them meal.

#nepalearthquake   #nepal   #kathmandu  
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Incredible, the humanity
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Fourth quarter estimated taxes for individuals in the USA are due January 15, based on full year 2014 taxable income. Let me know if you need help in computing your estimated taxes due, if required.
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Mr. JOSEPH L Rosenburg.
CUP 'O JOE.. You helped today immensely. I appreciate it greatly. We needed to hear your perspective. Thank You
Erin Berlind
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Year-end tax planning season is here. Take a look at what your estimated tax liability will be for 2014 and what moves you might make in the last few weeks of the year to change it. Also, watch for large year end capital gains distributions in your mutual funds, as
you might have an unexpectedly high tax burden from the gains. Consider reallocating your investment mix if you did well in the market in 2014.
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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back from out of town usually celebrate that day as eat what you want day then back to basics.
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if you get pulled over it is a wake up call and hopefully you will be the right frame of mind when responding.
When you are stopped by the police, answer politely and without sarcasm...and maybe the officer will exercise their discretion in not issuing a ticket... Of course, if you do decide to exercise your freedom of speech, the officer may decide to see how many summonses they can actually write for you. Remember, '...when you call down the thunder, you only have yourself to blame if you get burned by the lightning'...and prosecutor's will not dismiss a bunch of tickets out of sympathy for the cops response to your attempt at humor.

Howard W. Bailey, Esq.
Certified by the NJ Supreme Court as a Criminal Trial Attorney
Admitted as an Expert in Criminal Defense by the NJ Superior Court
550 Broad Street, Suite 601
Newark, NJ 07102

#njcriminaldefenselawyer   #trafficticket   #sarcasm  
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Going to the NY CPA show on Thursday to hear about best practices and technology in 2015.
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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i like liftware and the virtual keyboard
10 obscure technologies that could change the world - Inspire WiFi Blog.
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Joseph L. Rosenberg

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Hi everyone, I'm Joe Rosenberg and I'm a New Jersey and New York Certified Public Accountant. I prepare personal and business tax returns, help set up businesses on Quickbooks accounting software, and teach small business taxes and small business marketing workshops at a local NJ community college. My business page at facebook is and my personal page at facebook is Nice to meet you all.
Joseph L. Rosenberg CPA is a highly qualified Certified Public Accounting firm that has been in...
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