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Vegan Coconut Chocolate Oats Cookies
With my nephews still experiencing allergies to dairy and eggs, I'm always on the hunt for vegan desserts. My regular email newsletter from the Serious Eats inspired this latest post. Their Chocoholic: Vegan Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies  was the basis of ...

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When someone says "profiteroles" it's usually followed by a "Yum!" reaction from me. Seeing profiteroles (even a picture of one) is usually followed by salivation. Yes I LOVE profiteroles! However, every time I've tried to make it, I'd fail miserably. I had...

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Arancini Balls
Combing the aisles of Costco, there has been countless times where I would stare longingly into the freezer window, gazing at the frozen, pre-made Arancini balls. Slowly but surely, I would start salivating like a Pavlov puppy. However, I'm frequently deter...

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Beef Burgers
Ever watched cartoon characters eat a burger? You know that perfect bite when they chomp into it. Wishing all food was cartoon food. I'm not saying this is cartoon burgers but it's pretty close! Different elements make up this awesome burger which I'll outl...

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White Chocolate Mousse with Stewed Raspberries and Macadamia Praline
I came up with this recipe last year during my ambassadorship with Bulla Cream. I was asked to re-create George Calombaris' Olive Oil Chocolate Mousse with Spiced Red Wine Poached Pears but with my own twist. I tried making this with olive oil. It tasted TE...

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Clam-less Chowder
Once upon a time I had a shellfish allergy. During the winter months, the thought of a nice creamy seafood chowder was so delectable! Feeling disappointed all the time, OG made me this chowder minus the seafood. Mmm it was delicious! I'm glad now that I can...

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Mac n' Cheese with Smokey Bacon
Growing up, if someone offered me "mac n’ cheese", I would get a highly processed, neon orange dish that came out of a blue packet. The smell of that instantly turned me off.  While travelling in the US, mac n' cheese was on offer almost everywhere. From st...

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Chocolate, Hazelnut and Almond Cake with Chocolate Ganache
Hi readers, I sincerely apologise for being so absent with my posts. I have been busy in the kitchen but also busy in my life, to find the time to blog. It's been since August! Wow! My bad! hopefully I will make it up with a series of quick posts.  This par...

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Chocolate Raspberry Lamington Roll Cake
One of the best things about Australia is the lamington. It's one of my all time favourite desserts, ever since I was a kid. Because it's so easy to find and relatively cheap, I've actually never made lamingtons before. According to SBS food, recently it wa...

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Jumbo Pizza Muffins
Walking past cafes with lovely jumbo muffins, it takes me back to winter in high school. I used to love getting a  jumbo   choc chip muffin that's been over heated in the microwave with choc chips melting between your scorching fingers as you juggle muffin ...
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