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BucketMan - coloring your city
It is PacMan. In the streets of YOUR hometown.
It is PacMan. In the streets of YOUR hometown.


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So, google stole my idea and made PacMaps and did not even mention me. With all this hype about playing Pac-Man in the streets of your city I managed to get 20 new downloads in two days.
<irony> yeah! </irony>
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So, you probably all wonder why it was so quiet here the last months, no?
Well, because I worked as hard as possible to finish the latest update which is now in the play store.
The most amazing new feature is that you now can upload your current position maps and others can play in them, trying to beat your record there!
I also could improve the performance and switched from 30 fps to 60 fps, what results in a way more fluid experience.
Furthermore does the new update include lots of bug fixes and some more new features.
Go, do the update or install it right now!

This was all?
No! With this update I almost completely finished the game and thus want to start making the iOS version slowly...
Yep that's right, iOS support is coming...
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Another update in the playstore!!!
Give it a try, now everything makes sense, as I included the story line!!
Together with some more new features, its almost ready to leave the open beta state!
oh, and its still free!!
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New update in the playstore!
-small beauty fixes
-Changed the sidemission description of sidemission 3
-Some language corrections
-The advertisment comes now later and less frequently
-Bugfix of a Bug that occured in high stages sometimes
-Some more little bugfixes
full release notes can be found ingame
Update im Playstore!
-kleinre Schönheitsverbesserungen
-Missionseschreibung von Sidemission 3 angepasst
-Einige kleinere Fehlerbehebungen
-Die Werbung kommt nun später und weniger frequent
-Fehler korregiert der in hohen Stages das Spiel eingefroren hat
Eine Liste mit allen Neureungen gibts im Spiel (englisch)
Nova versão no playstore!
-Pequenas correções no design do jogo
-Mudança na descrição da sidemission 3
-Correções de erros gramaticais na versão em inglês
-Tem menos propagandas agora
-Correção de erro nos estágios avançados
-Mais algumas correções de erros
Existe uma lista (em inglês) com todas as mudanças feitas no jogo
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Got some nice words from somebody that knows what hes talking about ;)
(~min 11)
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new update in the playstore!

Fixed a problem in the german version (you could not upgrade your skills),
Included the missing letter ç into the portuguese version.
Fixed a major bug on tablets that misplaced the points relative to the map after following the "next" button at the end of a mission.
And the best: Included new sounds! now its all made by "myMouth" :D

Check it out!
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Endlich, finalmente, finally!
The game has now also german and portuguese language included!
I also fixed some little problems and found the bug that caused the game to break on some (few) devices.

give it a try!
(and follow me on twitter:@bucketmangame)
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New update. The easter special lasts now until the end of april!
go and find some easter eggs ;)
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New Update with easter special out now in the playstore!!

Download or update the game now and you will get the brandnew feature "presents" for free until 24.04.2014.

This update has lots of new cool things inside:
-New missions
-New Side Missions
-A new skill (zoom)
-A new feature (presents)

Now the game has a real end and I updated the survival mode, too, to make it more challenging and fun.

Get it now, its free ;)
Hols dir, kostet nix ;)
Pega agora, nao custa nada ;)
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I made a new Icon (now with a map in the background). What do you think?
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