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Be careful what you wish for. You will get it.
Be careful what you wish for. You will get it.

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Imagine driving down the freeway seeing robotic helicopters creating a building before your very eyes---sometime in the future! When Google rules the world? Perhaps.....
Flying robots, the builders of tomorrow

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Great service for Google Plus-ers. Check out the footage at the bottom of this post. Nice reminder of what we have to be grateful for, particularly at this time of the year.
What’s Hot on Google+ this week?

Starting today, on Friday mornings we’ll be posting a list of 10 of the most popular and interesting posts every week on Google+. Here’s the list for this week #popularposts

“What a Wonderful World” set to gorgeous nature footage from the BBC (+Ed Yong ):
Upcoming super-sized lunar eclipse on Dec. 10, explained (+NASA):
A circle of some of the most interactive photographers on G+ (+Scott Jarvie):
Drawing entirely by dots (+Oliver Seidel):
US Senator Bernie Sanders ‘Saving American Democracy’ proposed amendment (+Bernie Sanders)
Buzzfeed’s 45 Most Powerful Images of the Year (+Thomas Hawk):
Britney Spears’ Mexico City concert, Dec. 4, captured from stage (+Britney Spears)
View from the 84th floor of the still-rising new World Trade Center tower, from WTCProgress (+Mike Elgan):
Impressive sand sculptures by New York-based sculptor Ray Villafane (+Tarah Gaa):
Flash memory that fits on your fingertip (+Derya Unutmaz):

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What a fascinating story. Unbelievable that anyone would try and rely on horses in deep snow. Tragic.
The Lost Photographs of Captain Scott – a century later, unseen images from famed Antarctic expedition come to light

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The future seems to be all Google. They are making some aggressive moves that ultimately make online life for the consumer and business that much more vibrant.

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Is there any truth to this? Of course there is and makes you think coming into the shopping season. Thanks Terry for sharing this with me.

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Valuable information from anyone in the financial service industry.
Most advisers look forward to reviewing the Financial Planning Technology Survey every year. It's available online today, but remember, surveys like this are rear-view oriented, as in "here's what people are already using."

Those looking for innovations on the leading edge of technology will need to seek other sources.

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Google Finance has become my go to site for quick and easy financial information whether it be news, stock quotes or following the indexes. Nice to see the elegant new look.

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Simple ideas to get off on a great start to Google+. I know there are people who can benefit from this.
(♥ Hello and welcome all newcomers to Google+!

There's a gazillion people who have circled me lately and so many are without a profile picture... = Blueheads

Create your profile!
What is the most important thing when joining Google+?
It’s not finding friends or family, though you might think so, especially if you’re used to using Facebook.

Your profile is like your business card:
Fill up your profile’s “About” page with photos and information about who you are, where you work, what your hobbies and interests are. This will help you to find like-minded people among the Pluserati, i.e. the other G+ users. The more you share about yourself, the better.

Photos: Profile picture or ‘Avatar’ and other photos:

Make sure the photos you use are big enough and not blurry. Your Twitter profile pic is probably too small. I use a 300 kt pic.

See here:

The tagline:

Your Google+ profile page has a section at the top between the photos and your name, where you can add a brief description of yourself. Click the space and write; don’t make it too long, just so it shows in full. I recommend making it public for ‘anyone on the web’, as it will be your tagline. If several people have the same name, this is what distinguishes you from the rest.

¶ ¶ ¶

I recommend that you fill up your relevant profile information first:

Remember, you can decide who will see this information from the drop down menu of each area.
Is it you only, your circles, extended circles or the whole wide world. You can also choose ‘custom’ and set it, just like sending a private message to your circles or persons; +name, name the persons or choose specific circles.

Occupation – This is important what you write here as it will show on different occasions like this list I’m in: ( ). The text under my name comes from this box.

Employment – Think carefully what you write here because the text is shown on your ‘hovercard’. This is a big factor when deciding whether to add someone to circles or not!

Remember to use ‘current employment’ option for the text to show.
(When you mouse over somebody’s name in Google+ you see a hovercard with a picture, name and some text, if the person has filled out their profile, that is. Otherwise you’ll just see a Bluehead and a name.)

For these two last mentioned bits you can simply fill in the name of the company you work for but as there is space for more, I recommend adding at least your position or speciality. Then again you can go with Student or Self-employed, Professional Techie or World’s Greatest Lover. If you leave these two empty, then your hovercard or ‘blurb’ will show the text from the top of the page, under your name.
Have a look at other people’s hovercards, this is my assignment for you!

❀ ❀ ❀
Start with my first profile-related article here:

And then do the next 2 ones, there are links and stuff.

Here's a snappy guide from +Cora Triton: Missing the # numbers but we can all count, right? :-)

Enjoy! :-)

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The small businesses I consult (in particular knowledge for profit) on relationship management and are moving to social media, are usually focused on using social media as a business development tool (ie. prospecting tool). The examples in this article are larger corporations but the principles for smaller organizations are identical. It starts with doing the right thing and leads to an impressive, cohesive business with consistent, congruent branding.
In part 2, I take a look at the disconnect between social media and customer service...dubbed the horseshoe effect. What do you think? I especially enjoyed the AMEX example...
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