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ng-annotate 0.9.0 is just out. Have you tried it yet on your #angularjs code to automatically and elegantly add (and remove!) dependency injection annotations so that you can minify in peace?

The good: Very (very!) fast, much featureful and compatible, also kind to your source code, actively maintained
The bad: Has not (yet) a plugin for every build-system, but Grunt, Browserify, Brunch and Gulp integrations exist already.

My promise is that if you try it out and hit any issues then I'll fix them, promptly (or at least provide you with a good workaround). I don't think you'll be disappointed because it's actually kind of great! In return you can tell a friend about it.

The 0.9.0 release adds the following major features:
explicit annotations using /@ngInject/
--plugin option to load user plugins (experimental, 0.9.x may change API)

<3 angular

Are you using AngularJS with ui-router? ng-annotate can add and remove dependency injection annotations to your code (for minification purposes) and I just released ng-annotate 0.7.0 with ui-router declarations support. npm install -g ng-annotate. More info in readme:


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My friend and I start something new! Curious? Check out or our brand-new G+ page: We are happy about every +1, Share, Tweet and whatever you can imagine. Time to rock, dudes!

ng-annotate 0.4.0 is out, now with twice as many contributors! \o/
Release notes:
npm install ng-annotate #angularjs  

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Have you seen this irritating Chrome viewport/linen bug? I filed for it.
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I released new versions of two of my #JavaScript  projects today. First ng-annotate 0.3 ("add, remove and rebuild #angularjs  dependency injection annotations") was released with contributed Grunt support and fixes, then defs 0.5 ("Static scope analysis and transpilation of ES6 block scoped const and let variables, to ES3") with IIFE loop closure support and more. Feel free to try them out and please let me know if you use them! and

With that, defs.js loop closure IIFE transformation should now be complete: <>. Please help test defs master! A new release can happen in the near future but I'd love to get some real-world testing of it before that. Testing the development version is as simple as a `git clone; cd defs; npm install` and then you just run `./defs-harmony <filename>`.

#javascript   #es6  

This PR is a great example of how I hoped that ng-annotate would be used. They first used it (once) with --remove to make code beautiful again (stripping previously manually inserted annotations but not touching anything else). That's why you see the diff removing lots of stuff. Then used with --add in build script to add annotations prior to minification. All automatic. Should they change their minds and want to go back to storing annotations in the repo, it's all taken care of too. <3 #angularjs
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